Tuesday, 22 September 2015

delPrado Napoleonic Figures presented by Beano Boy

All models shown are from the weekly Magazine," Relive Waterloo",
and were first produced in the year 2001.

                                 The figures above were in the first addition of that magazine
                                  which i bought back in the day. So these were the only ones
                                 that i had until recently this year.

                          This year I was able to buy some more ,and all sealed in small packages

Below the New Collection Begins


                                                         French   Cuirassiers & Carabiniers

Those new ones above were my first Lot bought. 
Those ones below another Job Lot bought.


                                                    Boney Inspecting his Cavalry


                     They never actually carried the Eagle Standard,but these are toys so who really cares?
                     Those above are the end of the Second Lot! The glass display cabinet is filling up.

                                                More arrived a few days later


                                                         British Scots Guard Dragoons

                                                                    French Chasseurs a Cheval

                                                Above the 3rd Job Lot Bought


A very brave but rather foolish British Hussar takes the fight to the French,but glancing behind he realises  that rest of the squadron had decided not to follow  suit. A very quick about turn,but now the French are on his tail.___________________ "HELP!"

                                   More above from the first issue. Above the 4th Job Lot Bought.

A Trickle of Infantry Arrive,and British Hussars


                                                          Odds and ends of Infantry

                                   Above the 5th Job Lot Bought French Chasseurs  a Cheval.


The  actual Gun is included with the Set above,and the figures are in the last photo.

                                              Eventually all  Guns were complete.

                                      French Dutch Lancers and Prussion Cavalry

                                                              A Few of the Packages


                                                                           The Charge
                                                   Troops Mixing it on my tiny Work Table

                   Although not painted to an Artists High Standard,I`m still very glad I was able to include                    these into my Collection. The Great Thing is I didn`t have to paint them.  BB


  1. Thanks Phil. I know war-gamer`s are now buying these which has ment that their value has rocketed sky high. You could say its quite another war-game of bidding they have to do in order to win. I bought all mine months ago, well before the Waterloo Date.BB