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Fred and MayBell go Snooping _________ by Beano Boy

Yesterdays  Headline News a Massive Earth Quake!
Followed by this.

It was a Tuesday, a bright day that saw the Sun Smiling down upon Norwich,and in its well designed occupation of chasing shadows around the clock, it also saw that BB,was taking things easy elsewhere in the garden. A garden belonging to his little house in Fiddle Wood. The house and garden skirted in part the very edge of the  Dark Wood. Long ago it was a space wide open but  steep used for pasture land, and twice a year the Sheep Parsley within the wood,would rise up to five feet in height,which proved it to be the case already mentioned. To those living in the area it was just a tiny part of a wood,that had been chopped off from a much larger one,as the new road to St Faths had been pushed forward along an ancient Pony Track in the year 1884. 
It was however a place often referred too, "As a most Mysterious Place Indeed." Well at least by BB`s Uncle Neddy Eddy Longbottom Beano,an Eccentric  Time Traveller of whom we might well meet up with one of these days. Or to put it another way He might well in fact  catch up to us.



 Fred and May Bell had postponed the days Slug Hunt in favour of doing it later in the coolness of the dark night.

MayBell mentioned it first to Fred,who was once a Dalek, but one that had somehow gained a heart,and had in turn ,turned into a, F.R.E.D.    Agreeing wholeheartedly Fred  had said that, "It would be then that the blighters would be out in force like cruising slimy Buffolo`s crazing upon Mrs B`s plants." It was also Fred that suggested that they should go a snooping on BB`s table,especially in light that they had discovered strange things turning up there, like half a foot,and a stone head.They also agreed fully,that they needed answers to explain why?  For The F.R.E.D ,who is of course Fred,he has another purpose which on the whole is unclear to him at this present time. Things have been puzzling to Fred,why a certain sequence  of numbers has beeped its way onto his guidance system, sending reams of symbols,and numbers,onto his once lost Memory Banks. Memories now once more  vivid are being downloaded onto hidden secret files. This action has also made Fred aware that the damaged part of his Mainframe Computer has been scanned  and once mashed up fragmented files are now repaired. In fact they are making it possible for him to far overreach the number 4! 

"Are you sure you know the way Fred?" ______ " Sure do MayBell.It`s just through here."


"Hang on Fred. Its a bit of a tight squeeze for me." ______ "Well you must try and cut down on those elastic bands you are always eating MayBell."_______ "Well the Mailman drops them about the place upon his daily round,and it`s a shame to see e`m go ta waste."______"  Come on MayBell stop lagging behind. Boy O` Boy! I`m glad I don`t have to eat at all." 

"Golly Gosh!" Each of the two pals exclaimed on the dot,at the same time.

"See MayBell it`s Him. And not King Tut! Like you said."_____" Rammy the Great!You mean Fred?"______ "Yip!" __________"I`mm."_________ "Come on MayBell. This way to 1492!"____"1492 Fred, what are you going on about?"________________" Come on I`ll explain later."

It must be mentioned by Tiny Tapping Finger,that Beano Boy is not that tidy,and the tabletop that the two intrepid friends have to scramble,slide and slip over is somewhat of a Complete Mess! This has  since been rectified by Mrs B`s, Wagging Finger,and a brand new brush and dustpan for BB,to clear it all up.

Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for these two friends,but the deeper they ventured the darker it got. " This is getting Spooky Fred." A now rather timid MayBell dared to mention. " Keep moving MayBell, we must nearly be there."_____ " But Fred Where? Where are we heading?___"Come on.You`ll soon see."

The strict  Military Training undergone  long ago upon a now dead Planet has kicked in,and Fred pushes forward. "Come on MayBell, 1492,Keep Moving!"    ( The Dead Planet of Skyro! )
Fred is having Flash-Backs, of combat he experienced in the NACIREMA Cival War. A Civil War that broke out between a split and divided federation of States. The Atomic Bombs fell like teeming rain. Only a few survived that rain of death. Perhaps as little as a hundred million. Fred also see`s on his restored Memory Banks ,ORYKS, known as the City of Dreams.

The sequence of numbers are now understood by Fred ,as a date in Earth`s Time-Line!

What happened in 1492? What is happening to Fred? Where is he going, and Why? If Fred`s Memory Banks have been restored and activated,and other parts repaired,is MayBell now in Danger? Is Fred showing signs that he is once more upon the road way,to becoming his former self?_______ A DALEK? Most of all,what is BB,going to make out of all this?

                                                                    To Be Continued

The Table 

A table such as this can become many things. It can become a  place of  forest,and of ancient ruins,and of desert plains, or simply a fixed point in time. 


Of course it is a share ponderation point where answering those questions are concerned,and whatever the case might be,for now Fred, is up and away and skidding over hill and chalky dale. Around this, up that,along and Down  once more. Following along behind is MayBell who in this tale is rather timed  to say the least for some strange reason. Which is on the whole most unlike her. Perhaps later we will find out why? 

Trying to determine a safe way forward on the long tabletop is to say the least,rather bent than being one of straight forwardness.
"We go up ,slide down ,and skirt around MayBell,and then up and along and across."  Fred Decides.
Which rather sounds like some old time quirky dance at a Western Style Shin-Dig. 
It now seems that BB,did paint one casting after all.                          

"I`m not to sure about this Fred."_____"Come on my friend.All
                           We`ve got to do is a TUT- TA- LITE Slide down Old RAM- SEE`S!"

                                                  "You go first Fred."___________ "OK! "

                                                         "Yippy! Come on MayBell. "

                                        "Here I come! AH!__ WHOOO---OOOP`S! Nearly broke a joint!"
                                         Smoke it later!

We have now reached the up and across point in this tale,and another paint job comes into view.
Fred is up and away,but MayBell is becoming uncertain  of the round about route Fred is determined to be on. The oddest thing she is thinking is," Strange usually it`s Fred that follows on behind me."

                                            " Are you sure you`re sure of the way Fred?"

                              "Sure i am MayBell. We`ve just got to cross old Ram A CCCCC`s ,
                                and we`ll be almost there."

It appears Fred`s,`There`, seems to be another top to another pile of strange looking castings.
                 " This is Tuff going Fred.I`m Puffed Out!"____ "OK! MayBell. BB,CUT!"

Little Typing Finger
It now must be said that it has been Hush! BB,thats been placing stuff arranged so Fred can take the lead part in this off beat production.  Shush! Don`t tell.

    Little Old Me                                                      
"Forget the Cut Fred.Hop down from there you too,to the next scene."

                After a Hop Skip & a Jump they arrive at The Gallery.

"Do you know MayBell,this place is getting stranger,and stranger?" _____ " I certainly agree Fred ,I have a feeling we should have gone on Slug Patrol instead of snooping!"

 Steps leading up to an ancient gallery of stone stretches out before them,and for certain there was only one direction the Pals now must take. They must proceed along it to the very end,because there is no going back.

It was something alive. Warming up perhaps after being asleep for so long. Whatever it was it was un- coiling and beginning to slid out from a dark crack between the stone pillars. MayBell was totally unaware of its presence.

                     However Fred seeing it was becoming very aware of the Danger.  The thing whatever it was seemed to be inflating itself and uncoiling and growing larger by the second. Eventually it began to turn slowly perhaps confident in its next meal  MayBell.

It began to rare up to incredible height,and for Fred it was a  share wonderment  indeed for never had he seen such a thing,that was now moving into striking range of MayBell.  A MayBell,who bussied herself eyeing up the stone walls of this mysterious place,and in doing so had no knowledge of this fearsome creature rising up behind her.
For Fred his weapons systems were always kept intact,and were the useful tools to rid Mrs B`s, garden of Slugs and Snails. So to MayBell she had witnessed the use of them on many occasions,so it would be of no great suprise to her if Fred fired his Lazer ,but what made her near jump out of her skin as she caught sight of this Giant Cobra,was not IT!    But ____Fred`s Battle Cry Directive!

                           "EXTERMINATE!  EXTERMINATE!  EXTERMINATE!"

                                                               To Be Continued



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