Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hollow Cast Lead Soldiers Presented by Beano Boy

As I collect toy soldiers,I thought to present these few from those that i have.
These were bought several months ago

                                                 First:  Black Watch Royal  Highlanders

These were produced cheaply in way of hollow lead castings by Britains, and then painted by unskilled workers mostly by young ladies,for the middle class market. I treat them as a blank canvas  so paint any Highlander Regiment that i like.
                                                                British Guards

                                                   i Nearly forgot to post these

                                           Second:  Black Watch Scots Highlanders

Someone tried to restore those two above, by soldering underneath the base. Then trimmed off all the copyright markings with a grinder. Than slapped paint on the figure and base. They came with a Lot, and are very old Britains or John Hill Scots Highlanders.

                          So I will restore the broken bayonet,and then paint them the way in which i wish to.



                                      The arms holding the rifle are loose fitting on a pivot.

 They have settled in nicely and are already drilling for the next Tattoo. By passing through each others ranks without Biff,Bashing!  into each other.
They are all marked" copyright, Britains ,copyright" The oldest ones are dated.



  1. Thanks Phil,I like to treat myself to the old stuff now and again.BB

  2. They are wonderful, a real treat.

  3. The oldest ones are from 1903. Glad you like them Michael. I will be downloading a very large collection of toy figures shortly. BB