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Railway Munitions Train Build Up by Beano Boy

Often is the case collecting Railway Engines and the trains,and rolling stock they pull takes years of collecting,which is good and proves that one has a real interest in the hobby. E bay is littered with stuff belonging to people who bought and realised the hobby was not for them. Shoddy Cheap stuff made in China,that break`s far to easy is often the cause of such action. 

Part One

An old idea comes to Light

Needing a fast fix up system for a railway munitions train,i opted  in favour of buying these 1/72 scale sets. So an idea that i`ve had for years is now coming to light ,and is made possible, but not one where every tiny piece has to be stuck together. I just wanted the basic size,shape and form,and these kits  made for war gaming purposes are perfect for my basic needs. Not being familiar with whats in these boxes other than having two models in them,I bought one box of each,in order to see if they will fit onto my railway stuff. Being sure that they will, i`ll be buying more of these and other reasonable  priced kits too. The plan is to run  munitions trains pulled by  Triang 50 odd year old Loco`s. So the build up of armour on the Allied side can also be put into operation using other quick sets for each unique train.


is owned by Hat Industries

these were re-ararmed with the short barrelled Gun as the medium tanks were being re-armed with the much longer barrelled Guns. Not being an expert on this period (WWII,) it seemed a sort of leap frog arrangement upon my reasoning upon the subject,which resulted in no wastage at all.

No Decals in the box


                     No Decals in the box. Thats no problem I`ll photo copy some

                        Any collection large or small has to include the German Tiger Tank!

                                                Wondering Down Memory Lane
                     A good  idea could & would also include Munitions Trains of The Great War .
A Classic one would be the Munitions Train with Britains Top Secret Tanks aboard,given to Russia to aid them in the war against Germany. The Russians handed it over to the Germans intact as part of a Peace Treaty. The Government of the day in Britain must have been Hopping Mad!
                                                    The Train can be viewed below.

                                                            Made in Britain

                                     As you can see they were soon put to use.
                                    However that is another amazing true story

                                                    Getting Back to this Topic



            All those listed above one Box only was bought in order to see the quality of the models
   With the small combined price of around £24.00 that i paid for these I am well impressed                     with all of my six model`s from the very affordable low end of the market place.            
                                                           To conclude my review.

                                    A most famous Tiger Tank was Numbered 007.
                                                                       Part Two

                                                                      An Update
                                     Another box was bought of those already seen.

                                                        Four Anti-aircraft Guns


                                                      Two Boxes of Heavy Artillery

                                                                     Two Boxes
                                                                     Two Boxes

                                                                       Two Boxes
               Total for the German Munitions Train:24 Tanks, Four Heavy 105mm Guns,
                 and Four 20mm Anti-aircraft Guns and 8 Gun Crew.

            Total Cost to Date  £112.00  Compared to the cost of a new Loco,that is Very Reasonable!
            This will involve lots of rolling stock,of which I`m glad to say i have plenty of.

 Also for the Train two Boxes of these ,and I managed to come by some good looking Flak Guns too,like those in the photo below.     £6.74 a Box was a Brilliant Price to pay.  

                                                    Another two for the Train 1/76 scale


                                                               That`s it for now. BB

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