Saturday, 17 October 2015

Panzer Conversion by Beano Boy

Although I am best known for my Napoleonic conversions on Benno`s Figure Forum this will be a very different conversion for me. It will be my first ever German Tank Conversion made possible by the fact that i have left over parts from another modelling kit.

I bought this excellent  kit above that gives one several options of making up three German 38t  light tanks or three of the  Marder variants contained in the box. So having bought two boxes i had lots of parts going spare for the 38t ,and parts for the two types of  Marder variants. The box includes lots of figures too,and ( i ) HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Kit.
The six spare Guns can be used  within scratch built bunkers. the six spare tank turrets will be used on my railway project.

The box above i bought,and the light tanks included are very easy to construct and look the part but having so many parts over from the PLASTIC SOLDIER boxes i decided to wield Excalibur  my craft knife and cut and convert these two light tanks.

My thoughts upon the subject of tank conversions is if the Germans could take this  Czech designed Panzer Tank and  up- gun it and convert it then so could i.The Marder  Variant shown above is the one i will construct,and all Marder types used throughout the war by the Germans were open topped.but with a canvas top providing cover for the crew and gun. They  were Assault Guns rather than Panzerjager but they could exchange shells  with enemy tanks.  So other than the front,little protection for the crew was provided,but these were tank killers mounted with captured field artillery and they could with their anti-tank shells deal quite effectivly with  the new Russian built tanks. Some would also tow extra field artillery or anti-aircraft guns too. So these captured tank conversions were a very cheap effective option for the German army that needed extra firepower quick.

My Conversion

With the turret removed,the back half of the tank top was cut away to create room for the new top section seen in the picture. It was tuff going work with the craft knife,because the plastic  is very hard. Finally it was cut away and the ruff edges tidied up.

Before all that Cut ,Slash ,and Hacking took place i did remove the wheel and tracked sides.

Once the new top was glued in place all that was required was using the plans again.

                                                         Above one of the spare Guns. Below the Figures.

One figure has his right arm longer than his legs,but it can be replaced using the extra arms on the Sprue.                                                                                                                                                   

                                         The pieces cut away are seen in the pictures.

The other light tank was converted too,from the spare parts,which now provided me with an extra     two Tank Killers.               The Motto ,"Waste Not ,Want Not "comes to mind.  BB                                                                                                                



  2. Hi John,thanks for the friendly comment and visit. I`m sorry for the late reply. BB

  3. You Do it all that's what I like about you and I know you are a good person ...I hope we both have many years of model making left in us Right ...I am going to post soon I have so much to show.... See ya soon B.B. merry christmas your family ..

    1. Hi John,I`m going through all my old postings. So i was glad to see your comment.I like to reply to all the comments i receive which ain`t many. I look forward to seeing your Diorama of La Haye Sainte. I modeled that Farm Complex, four times and feel i know every angle and brick in that dusty old place. BB