Sunday, 29 November 2015

BB`s Railway ___ by Beano Boy

Part 1

Below are a few of my railway tracks .Three in total,but another is ongoing so eventually it will take its place alongside the others. Small buildings are ongoing for that new line too.  As it stands my little railway layout of 12 foot by 6 foot,is for running trains pulled by my old antique collection of toy locomotives.    Although I do have modern ones too,that all seem to have no real puff along life span to them at all.   ( I used to obtain as a member the Horny Collectors Club addition Loco each passing year as it wizzed me by. However HUMBROL bought Hornby and the Club that had been in place along with all its staff were no longer required. Very Sad.)                                                                                       

This is one of two tiny Signal boxes that were scratch built.
Above the passing pig-iron train rattles along with its 26 loaded wagons,on their way to Glad Grinds Foundry a few short miles up track. The little fellow near the open door is leaving after his long shift is over,and he will make his way down to the nearest Pub,to wet his whistle. The roof lifts off revealing the inside workings of this place,and there is also a light fixed inside too.  I will show that later. I do have lots of tree`s but none on show here.

There goes the pig-iron train and across the way a  vintage train has  stopped at the Honey Well Station,a certain something I showed a glimmer of recently. The small town buildings that will eventually be based upon streets and tiny courtyards are placed for show. The Layout covers the periods of the 1950`s and early 1960`s,and although i have added to it,there is still very much to do.
I laid my track each piece at time upon a scratch built paper card roadbed,and after pinning it in place the glue was globed in place and the crushed up ballast went on,and lots of it too. After it had  set up good and hard a new 3" paint brush swept away lots of this dry stone.
Before laying any track i reasoned that it would need to move it on future occasions,and after seeing many a tracked railroad model ripped to piece's because it was stuck and nailed in place upon the base.I decided not to stick my track onto the base at all.  Each section of road-bed was simply designed to separate with ease,and is sitting upon newspaper,so it can be moved off anytime it needs to be and in a jiffy! A very short space of time.  Track costs an absolute fortune to buy,and destroying it for wanted changes for me was not an option  I would take. After all the lines were cleaned up,a wagon with fine metal wheels was pushed along the track untill it run yards on its own by a good simple push.  Each line all checked out OK,and the Trains began to run free and easy in spite of some being over 60 years old.
                                                    ITS A KIND OF MAGIC

The Unusual Building Site by Beano Boy

The wonderful thing about a Dalek is they come in one pose,and they look and do what people expect them to do,and without the need for animated use of movement. So i began to include them in my story`s. You will therefore see what you do not expect to see.

The Unusual Building Site

 All the activity takes place upon the small craft table,which is a pure delight because it slips comfy like under my chair. This makes for easy painting and work a relative ease with the odd,very odd scratch building that sometimes come my way.
However Plans of This and of That, sometimes can take many a Sci- Fi, direction. And  all at the very same time.

The work was going swimmingly well,but working all hours under ones Light Bulb does tend to wear one out on these projects of doing stuff. 

Upon their passing by MayBell mentioned to Fred,"BB`s very tired you know Fred?" __" I know MayBell,He sure does work hard doing his Research Writings,and then this,Whatever this is?" Replied Fred. 

Now upon the subject of good old Fred,he used to be an Uncaring,Ice Cold Recon Exterminator.Yes most certainly that,and as for his age,your guess is as good as mine.He was once a Dalek,but is now a F.R.E.D, known now to his  fans,simply as Fred,and MayBell,is just a sweet MayBell.                                                                                        

"I think BB`s gone to fetch some biscuits from the Cookey Tin, MayBell."___ "Fred,I`ve just had an idea. Lets get some help for him while he is busy Rumpling his way through his favourite munchie ,crunchies." ____ "MayBell I think I can arrange that.O,Boy! This should be Good."

"MayBell,look at them go. Quick and jolly good Fun!"____ " Fred,perhaps this is to quick."____
" No MayBell,I think more help will add,add,and add much more before BB,returns." ____ " Fred you are getting to carried away with all this helping."____ " Don`t be Silly,I`m stood standing here MayBell,and not being carried away.    

The Signal is sent by Fred,and instantly more help arrives.

The new arrivals, (yes that rings a bell), knew what exactly what to do.
Uncanny-Like but True.

While BB`s hot cup of Rosy-lea,is warming down,the fresh assault upon wood piles begin. As does the construction upon this rather fast filling up and overcrowded Building Site. " Move the cup. Push it over the edge." A Red Dalek orders._____ " No,No, Leave it be." Fred over-rules that demand. _ " Fred, your Pepper Pot Alien helpers are getting out of hand." A rather worried MayBell exclaims.

Does this remind anyone of the  Sorcerer`s Apprentice ?

As BB, is heard shuffling along from the kitchen while Humming his favourite Tea Time 
Hum. Zip___________ they are all gone in an instant.  Or in fact half of an instant.

As the working Spec`s were placed upon the table."Gosh! I cannot remember doing these." He said to himself while fetching his cup of tea."I`mm,I am getting rather forgetful of late.",and so it was with his warm cup of tea in one hand,and a shaky plate full of wobbling biscuits in the other that he shuffled off up the stairs and to a comfy warm bed. Mrs B,always make mention of the crumbs in the bed,and BB, always in reply makes mention, " Can`t think how they possibly got there." 



It was one of those days when there seemed far to much to do. Tons of mail arrived,book`s and model figures for the Collection needed checking out,and then Mrs B,kindly reminded me while i sipped away at a rather cold cup of tea,to Hover up all the Cookie Crumbs now upon the bedroom floor.

While trying to master that new beast we bought recently . A beast, that seemed to have a will of its own into deciding in  what direction it wished to go. i yanked the noisy thing along the top landing and swung it madly through the open door way of our bedroom, and finaly got those cookie crumbs along with half a rug sucked up.It seemed a mystery why half a rug would get sucked up in such a hungry way.The look of the new VAX Machine, strangely with its alien  look ,reminded me of those pepper pot aliens in the toy collection. Instantly i had an idea that would free up more time for my writing. ________________Great!

While delegating authority and responsibility i told my two friends, "Remember it is your project of putting to half`s together and so on,and Fred don`t be burning down the house when casting your laser in the direction of cutting and making more pieces. OK?" ____" OK. BB." Fred replied as he  twizzled a turn or two on my hand.____ " Everything is in hand BB,And I`ve got the garden hose fixed to a tap and at the ready," MayBell explained.
And so it was that a new smell of fresh cut wood drifted out of an open window of the Beano residence.  

"It`s not another Hyper drive is it Fred.?"_____ " No MayBell of course not."

"There you are MayBell another batch cut for our project."___ "Great work Fred,but you make sure that you don`t cut the table in half like last time."____ " You`ve always got to bring that up MayBell."_____ " Yes Fred,Better to bring it up,Than you bring us down."____ " I`ll get some help to Carry the pieces through  into the other room." Fred said with a smiling chuckle to his voice. After all Fred has no feature such as an animated smile to his outside appearance,but inside he was quite humorously chuckling away,with the memory of Mrs B`s,best table being parted like a Reppils    Reppik.  ( A funny creature that splits in two every other day. Having eyes in the back of its head it does bounce backwards on the ground of his distant home planet.  )
Another Building Site is underway.

"Check for Square! Check for Square!" A Delek directs.____"What for? Beano Boy never does." Came the rather caustic reply.

"Whats that tune you are humming MayBell?" A rather inquisitive Fred asked.  _____" Oh, It`s just, `HIGH HO,HIGH HO,AND OFF TO WORK WE GO.` From Snow White Fred."_____ " Well i Never. What`s a snow white MayBell? ___ Well,She`s a Walt Disney cartoon character Fred."______" Well I never. You sure are smart MayBell."___" Well thanks Fred,but i aint that bright really i just know a little about lots of things."______" There you are MayBell. That`s being smart. "  Expecting more questions it is at this point MayBell  shakes her head and thinks to herself, `It is going to be one of those days.`

                        As you will see,there is such a full flurry of over active activity. Even though having no legs for running they certainly can move when they have to. It being the case that the `Have To Factor,`is firmly fixed into place upon their mainframe computers.

"Are you sure they are working to plan Fred?"___" Yip! I`ve orginized everything  MayBell." ___ "I`mmm,now I`m worried."____" Don`t be MayBell.I downloaded the Blue Prints myself,from the Internet."____________

"Well they certainly know how to work as a team Fred."_____"Yip!"_____ " They remind me of leaf cutting Ants."___________ "They sure do MayBell."__Reader U know what question is coming next? See you are quite smart 2.

"Fred, Looks like they need more wood."__" Opp`s!__ " What do you mean Fred?"___ " Well I need to order some more MayBell."____ " What? You mean BB,is letting you use his bank details?"______ Fred sighs,a Sigh! And thinks to himself,`It`s going to be one of those days.`

Steps are built up for coming down while others are built down for going up.Yes it`a a hive  of activity that makes sense. One could say___

The work is highly and lowly underway,but certain eyes have set thier sights set upon this rather unusual building site.______ And upon what is being built.


Rather Blue faced and all over Blue Romans. The Plot Thickens!

To be Continued.


The Comic Style Continues

  Whaffle & Lolly Pop Sticks.

"Fred ,how many did you order?"______" 3 Of each MayBell."______ " Fred the invoice is for 2.000 each. That`s 3.900 feet of wood. BB,is going to do his Nut when he see`s this lot." A very worried MayBell declared to Fred.____" Well can`t we....."_____" Can`t we what Fred."_____" Can`t we sweep some under the carpet?" ________" Well Fred, have you not noticed that we have the entire lower floor made of stone?  And another thing their are no carpets."____" MayBell, there are carpets a plenty upstairs? " _____" Fred,Fred,take a look see just how small we are compared with this mountain of sticks that have just arrived. Just how on earth are we going to get over 3.000 feet of these up the stairs?"  _____" MayBell,that`s easy I`ll get help."____ " No,No Fred. We`ll think of something."________" Perhaps,you could eat some MayBell?"____ " Now,now Fred,I am a very fine looking MayBell,and have no wish to increase myself to the size of this wood pile."

It was at this point i entered upon this rather frantic scene,and being quite surprised as i looked intently at the invoice i,said," Fred what a Great Buy. You`ve saved £10.00 for this bulk buy."___ "Wow! BB,You mean I did a right  something for a change?"____" Yes Fred, And it`s OK guys we`ll invite the kiddies in from the court to come visit during the coming Holiday, to make a few What Ever of their very own."____ "Yippee! That will be fun." Declared the fun loving Pepper Pot Fred. As for MayBell, She being a lady had the last word. " That sounds good BB,but make sure they don`t tie me to the railway lines like the last time they came to play. That Toy Story 2 Train,gave me such a Scare!"  I  then had a thought of Mrs B,coming home to the sight of all these Lolly Pop Sticks. I`mmmm,Perhaps i could sweep a few under the carpet? Opp`s! There are none.

Just What Does One Make With  Such A Load?

Yes i,can remember someone saying , "That  could be useful." ____
I replied," Not really. It being a brand new invention it was designed very well,but the Daleks who knocked up such a wonder as this,lost the plans and the operating instructions on how best to snap a Gaul`s neck.

Above shows some new arrivals,and coming from sunny climes ,they did so feel the cold on the new photo shoot table. So much so,that they burn`t that contraption down to the very last stick. It was soon after this that another fellow showed up with the operating instructions.

Below is something they didn`t burn,but which they half - inched,PINCHED!

What am i to do? They seem a very unfriendly bunch.
I know what Remco would say.  BB

Monday, 23 November 2015

BB`s Scratch Building Explained by Beano Boy

The Welcome

Rolling  Cardboard

Curved Corrugated Roof Section
of the  Triggles Houseboat  
This was made using cardboard of which one side was stripped off. Then the piece was rolled back and forth using the handle of a craft knife. No blade of course. By doing this and applying very little pressure the curved metal roof was rolled very easily.

Creating Thatched Roof Detail with Paper Card and P V A Glue
Dip the edge slightly into the glue and tap it on. It`s quick,and drys quick,and so more can be applied.    To see what the effect looks like apply a simple home made wash to see detail,and also where more work is needed. 

My Work Table slides nicely under my chair. Makes for ease of scratch building or painting.

Paper buildings when glued up and painted are so tuff  compared with flimsy plastic or Styrofoam or resin chalky buildings. I have built structures  that Mrs B, could  stand on and did without damage.

The Buildings

I designed the houses to squeeze in as many streets that i could. The  width is only three inches           to  every building ,and this squeeze enables two terraced houses to occupy that small space                 However the illusion of a greater size and distance is maintained,because as one moves around the layout the view changes to another street full of terraced houses.   It is easy to understand the principle just how it works. Lets imagine one is walking down a street with this type of housing.You can only view the front of each home it being the case,a door,windows and roof with chimneys. It`s as simple as that.                                                                                                                                    

Double Sided Shops

On this two and a half foot wide table,there are over sixty terraced houses,and i could double that number on this five foot long table.

The building above sits upon the same three inch foot print,giving one the illusion of a much more substantial building. Remember up is free,so use it.My design system of scratch building allows for four streets,of housing,shops,pubs,factory`s ,bus station,and the all important Honey Well Railway Station.  All houses,are fitted with lights. This has made it possible to have three operational railway lines on the layout. With a forth line still being constructed.

                      The Station was taken off the line while alterations were carried out to the track.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Toy Roman Replacements by Beano Boy


"Are you sure it`s true?"_____ "Yip! We invade Britain."____ "Whatever for? Those Brits are a mean bunch you know?"______ "Tin , Lead and Coal."_____ "Coal?"_____" Yes,Coal,but its not been discovered yet."____" Well i never."

On a need to know bases,the real objective  was kept Highly Secret. So Secret in fact, it never ever  has been mentioned in any history book. Or anywhere. Except here and Now.

Very soon with a fair wind and Galley Slaves rowing.The Romans invaded lower Britain. Then established Strongholds,and after Bif! Bash! Crash! Wollop! They seized what they had come for. The Cabbage Patch!
A few days later.
Reviewing the replacements.

"Flavious,this cannot be.Surely Caesar,would never allow them to land in that condition?"
_____"Well Markus,you are my Twin Brother,and I say it is.And whats more is there are only two of them."___" Gad!This sounds worse than i thought.Two you say?"_____ "YES.And to make things worse they are to guard our Highly Prized Objective,  The Cabbage Patch."

"No,No Flavios. This can`t be happening. Look at them. They are not fit to replace our brave lads who now lay injured so, in the Hospital Tent, after being Bashed about by those nasty Brits."____ 
"Well Markus, I did advise you not to let the guys play them at Football!"_____ "Yes,Yes Flavios,you were Right. However for now,we best get  E`m painted up before Caesar see`s them."____ " Righty O` Brov."

"Now Flavious,concerning that Football Match. Those Nasty Brits, Cheated, because they used those wooden clubs."____" NO,NO  Markus. The Brits call them Cricket Bats."_____" Cricket Bats?"
____" Yes, it`s a Game that`s not been invented Yet!"___" Well i Never."

It was a short time later when Flavios sent me a scroll. A certain something i could not read,but i guessed it was about the two new replacements who were already assigned to their new post.
There`s not much going on down there. It makes one wonder why all the fuss about half a fly spec.

"You mean we came all the way from Gaul,to guard this dirty little spot in Britain?" _______"Yip!"____"Whatever For?"______" Perhaps this could be the high spot of Britain,and people flock here each year for their Summer Holl`s."

I got to Splish! Splash! Paint onto these two fellows,and soon I`d given them both color and a wash. So back they went on duty to their really important post.  It had lightly rained while i took time out to smarten these guys up, and___________________________

                                      I guess we sure do grow them quick and big in Britain!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Half Way House by Beano Boy

Many years ago I made Half Way House,and as this develops you see it in a far different light then when you first caught sight of it. For things are often never what they seem to be. Half Way House stands right on the very edge of a dark wood,and is not to far away from the Post Mill down Fiddle Wood Lane.The man who owns the house and lives there comes from a family of skin-flints. He is therefore no different ,from them. Being a nine minute wonder he owns much of the land and quite a few farms too,all with tenent farmers,and gamekeepers with shot guns.
He is one of identical twins,and being born nine minutes before his younger Brother,well he inherited 80% of the family `s accumulations,and wad`s of stash and cash.The house was built by his Great,Great Grand Father,who believed in cutting corners in order to save money while rubbing his miserly hands.____So this fellow one of two is cut from the same cloth,but sometimes family choices lead the way for an awful amount of wet and windy drafts.

I hope you like the cottage.                                         

                                                      Nearby is a giant haystack

                                          They certainly have to work hard in these parts.

                                       The front view without the gate or hedgerow.

                              The thatch is thick and sound,needing no attention paid to it .
                              As for the walls and oak timbers,they are painted every seven years
                              usually by some guy working on the side,and signing on at the Job Center.
                              Yes cash in hand, a Benifit cheat.

                                     Now the illusion is shattered,and an oddity revealed.                                   

                                       Yes this old family of Glad Grind`s, certainly believe in cutting corners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    There we have it,the opened side and back view. The tree`s were laid on their sides to create the hedgerow.  
The fellow you can see it not  the one who lives at Half Way House. His name will be revealed later in another tall tale.

The thatched roof was designed to give this prop a solid look about the whole place from the front and side angle,but like i mentioned before things are not always what they at first appear to be.