Sunday, 29 November 2015

BB`s Railway ___ by Beano Boy

Part 1

Below are a few of my railway tracks .Three in total,but another is ongoing so eventually it will take its place alongside the others. Small buildings are ongoing for that new line too.  As it stands my little railway layout of 12 foot by 6 foot,is for running trains pulled by my old antique collection of toy locomotives.    Although I do have modern ones too,that all seem to have no real puff along life span to them at all.   ( I used to obtain as a member the Horny Collectors Club addition Loco each passing year as it wizzed me by. However HUMBROL bought Hornby and the Club that had been in place along with all its staff were no longer required. Very Sad.)                                                                                       

This is one of two tiny Signal boxes that were scratch built.
Above the passing pig-iron train rattles along with its 26 loaded wagons,on their way to Glad Grinds Foundry a few short miles up track. The little fellow near the open door is leaving after his long shift is over,and he will make his way down to the nearest Pub,to wet his whistle. The roof lifts off revealing the inside workings of this place,and there is also a light fixed inside too.  I will show that later. I do have lots of tree`s but none on show here.

There goes the pig-iron train and across the way a  vintage train has  stopped at the Honey Well Station,a certain something I showed a glimmer of recently. The small town buildings that will eventually be based upon streets and tiny courtyards are placed for show. The Layout covers the periods of the 1950`s and early 1960`s,and although i have added to it,there is still very much to do.
I laid my track each piece at time upon a scratch built paper card roadbed,and after pinning it in place the glue was globed in place and the crushed up ballast went on,and lots of it too. After it had  set up good and hard a new 3" paint brush swept away lots of this dry stone.
Before laying any track i reasoned that it would need to move it on future occasions,and after seeing many a tracked railroad model ripped to piece's because it was stuck and nailed in place upon the base.I decided not to stick my track onto the base at all.  Each section of road-bed was simply designed to separate with ease,and is sitting upon newspaper,so it can be moved off anytime it needs to be and in a jiffy! A very short space of time.  Track costs an absolute fortune to buy,and destroying it for wanted changes for me was not an option  I would take. After all the lines were cleaned up,a wagon with fine metal wheels was pushed along the track untill it run yards on its own by a good simple push.  Each line all checked out OK,and the Trains began to run free and easy in spite of some being over 60 years old.
                                                    ITS A KIND OF MAGIC


  1. Wow, very impressive...needs a big room!

  2. Yes Phill, a large room indeed. It is the largest bedroom in the house. Thanks for commenting. BB