Monday, 23 November 2015

BB`s Scratch Building Explained by Beano Boy

The Welcome

Rolling  Cardboard

Curved Corrugated Roof Section
of the  Triggles Houseboat  
This was made using cardboard of which one side was stripped off. Then the piece was rolled back and forth using the handle of a craft knife. No blade of course. By doing this and applying very little pressure the curved metal roof was rolled very easily.

Creating Thatched Roof Detail with Paper Card and P V A Glue
Dip the edge slightly into the glue and tap it on. It`s quick,and drys quick,and so more can be applied.    To see what the effect looks like apply a simple home made wash to see detail,and also where more work is needed. 

My Work Table slides nicely under my chair. Makes for ease of scratch building or painting.

Paper buildings when glued up and painted are so tuff  compared with flimsy plastic or Styrofoam or resin chalky buildings. I have built structures  that Mrs B, could  stand on and did without damage.

The Buildings

I designed the houses to squeeze in as many streets that i could. The  width is only three inches           to  every building ,and this squeeze enables two terraced houses to occupy that small space                 However the illusion of a greater size and distance is maintained,because as one moves around the layout the view changes to another street full of terraced houses.   It is easy to understand the principle just how it works. Lets imagine one is walking down a street with this type of housing.You can only view the front of each home it being the case,a door,windows and roof with chimneys. It`s as simple as that.                                                                                                                                    

Double Sided Shops

On this two and a half foot wide table,there are over sixty terraced houses,and i could double that number on this five foot long table.

The building above sits upon the same three inch foot print,giving one the illusion of a much more substantial building. Remember up is free,so use it.My design system of scratch building allows for four streets,of housing,shops,pubs,factory`s ,bus station,and the all important Honey Well Railway Station.  All houses,are fitted with lights. This has made it possible to have three operational railway lines on the layout. With a forth line still being constructed.

                      The Station was taken off the line while alterations were carried out to the track.



  1. The final result is terrific, excellent job...and I love the first pic, 'Welcome'...

  2. Hi Phil,thank you for the like and nice comment.There are many of my scratch-building things that i feel i can now show,on this blog .Thank you all who drop in to for a visit too.BB

  3. Excellent work all round, I love scratchbuilding myself but never seem to be able to find the time to do it! On saying that you may just of inspired me enough to pick my pile of old cereal packets, my balsa wood and PVA and create something out of nothing. Once again excellent work

  4. Hi Russ,very nice of you to drop by and give my tiny stuff a look,and to comment.


    If only we could sleep less
    then what larks of inspiration that would produce
    within the world of Hobbies and in Life. BB