Friday, 13 November 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 10 by Beano Boy

As i start another Page of BB`s Toy Figures,i would like you    
                 to consider that Updates to The Page will be made quite often.                        
                        This allows me to post a great deal more onto each page rather                              
                            than just one page for one item.So Thank You for the visit                                       
              and  please do click on again if you wish.  BB                                             


16 Figures to a box

                                        Beautiful Figures,but oddly no Firing Pose.
                                                       AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

                                               A CALL TO ARMS: 1/32 Scale
                                             UNION COLOURED INFANTRY    
                                                4 Poses 16 figures to a box

                                                          Beautiful Figures.

                               It  is possible head swaps with those of the IRON BRIGADE,
                              could provide the needed firing pose that, that regiment is lacking.

                                                             Men of Harlech

                                               Men of Harlech stop your dreaming
                                               Can`t you see their spearpoints a gleaming
                                               See their warrior`s  pennants streaming
                                               To this Battle Field

                                                    Men of Harlech onto glory
                                                    This will ever be their story
                                                    Keep these fighting words before ye
                                                    Welshmen will not yield


                                      Dargaud Asterix & Obelix Range of Plastic Figures.
                                     Better known as  1970`s Bubble Gum Figures.

                                     The first small plastic bag i bought set me back £16.00,and
                                     these blue ones were the actual ones,and being unfamiliar with
                                     them i thought them to be quite Quote! Lucky to have gotten
                                     both the main hero`s too.

                                   And so it was i began to surf the internet waves buying up entire lots of these                                         little colourful fellows.

                                    Yes,they come in red ,and as you will see,bright Yellow too.

                                         Above  Asterix with a wing broken of his helmet.

                                    Collecting the Roman Legionaries is the main aim know,but
                                   they are rarer than Hens Teeth!

                                         A Special Brew to give the Gauls super strength.
                                         Rumor has it that it contained Cabbages from Britain,
                                        and another Cranberries from some other place across
                                           the pond not discovered as yet.

                                                      The Chief of the Gauls.The shield
                                                      is quite rare to find these days.

                                    Now that`s down right disrespectful. There`s Asterix with
                                   both his wings upon his helmet. They all have special fun
                                   time names,and they can be found on the Dargaud Site.
                                 Mrs B,was so impressed by the way they painted up,as was i.                             
                               "They look like fine little China Figures." she said.                                             
                                     That`s why i left them shinny after i`d painted them.                                                                   

They cost much more  now.

Well i have managed to buy 10 boxes of this set,and another 7 boxes of the other set Men of Harlech. This gives me much more than is needed  for a 1 for 1 British Infantry at Rorke`s Drift. This gives me 40 marching Infantry. MAGIC! Which means it is well worth scratch building the Mission and outbuildings at a later date. A box of Zulus easy to obtain can be added when ever i like. So i have lots of painting to do.But until then i will have them in my Toy  Collection. They are avalible at Model Hobbies.  Believe me they will go like hot cakes. Very fast. I will have a whole table to photo shoot when they all arrive.                                                                                                                        BB

It took a while to find them,but as promised  The last few poses very hard to come by these days. 

Men of Harlech 



  1. Well Paul, what kind of comment shall I give you on this post....
    Let's say there is a part of it I like a lot, hahahaha

    Have fun painting them all my friend!

    Greetings Remco

  2. Remco my friend,and fellow Benno-Knight,HOORAH! They have all been painted,and just a few seen on this space i own. However they tend to keep marching in on odd occasions like the other day when two arrived unpainted. Which of course I had to write about,and include in a comic style Beano Boy Production. Nice of you to visit Remco,and leave a good he,he,he comment. Thanks to all the others who visit my blog too. BB