Monday, 16 November 2015

Half Way House by Beano Boy

Many years ago I made Half Way House,and as this develops you see it in a far different light then when you first caught sight of it. For things are often never what they seem to be. Half Way House stands right on the very edge of a dark wood,and is not to far away from the Post Mill down Fiddle Wood Lane.The man who owns the house and lives there comes from a family of skin-flints. He is therefore no different ,from them. Being a nine minute wonder he owns much of the land and quite a few farms too,all with tenent farmers,and gamekeepers with shot guns.
He is one of identical twins,and being born nine minutes before his younger Brother,well he inherited 80% of the family `s accumulations,and wad`s of stash and cash.The house was built by his Great,Great Grand Father,who believed in cutting corners in order to save money while rubbing his miserly hands.____So this fellow one of two is cut from the same cloth,but sometimes family choices lead the way for an awful amount of wet and windy drafts.

I hope you like the cottage.                                         

                                                      Nearby is a giant haystack

                                          They certainly have to work hard in these parts.

                                       The front view without the gate or hedgerow.

                              The thatch is thick and sound,needing no attention paid to it .
                              As for the walls and oak timbers,they are painted every seven years
                              usually by some guy working on the side,and signing on at the Job Center.
                              Yes cash in hand, a Benifit cheat.

                                     Now the illusion is shattered,and an oddity revealed.                                   

                                       Yes this old family of Glad Grind`s, certainly believe in cutting corners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    There we have it,the opened side and back view. The tree`s were laid on their sides to create the hedgerow.  
The fellow you can see it not  the one who lives at Half Way House. His name will be revealed later in another tall tale.

The thatched roof was designed to give this prop a solid look about the whole place from the front and side angle,but like i mentioned before things are not always what they at first appear to be.                                 


  1. Looking good Paul, gives me a bit English feeling here!
    Again a nice building, well done.

  2. Hello Remco,nice of you to visit.Both you and your comment are most welcome. There are times when friends like Remco hop over for a visit who are Benno Knights one and all. Benno`s Figure Forum,a wonderful place that first allowed my mad cap topics and very tall tales to be placed there. Why not give it a visit.It`s Free. BB

    1. Maybee when I am in UK someday I will ;-)

  3. Very nice..I especially like the haystack

  4. Thank`s Phil,and Paul for commenting. it seems everyone likes the haystack which is made of in two parts using washing up sponge and Plumbers Hemp. BB

  5. For some strange reason my reply is being printed twice! BB