Monday, 9 November 2015

The Little Tin Soldier a Very Tall Tale by Beano Boy.

When i received a gift,i decided to paint it up in the same colours as the toy soldier in the book,Toy Soldiers,by Norman Joplin. Eventually after the painting of him,i based a fantasy story around this one good fellow. There are many a tall tale of lone soldier`s,but this one has been handed down in the Beano family ever since it became known to my Uncle Neddy Eddy Longbottom Beano a time traveler. So I asked him is it true? "Of course my Boy Beano it`s all true. If it aint true it must be a figment of Mr Tippings,imagination." Neddy replied.

The Little Tin Soldier
Beano Boy 

The year in question is 1812

It seems that Mr Tippings along with Mr Mouse,have a rather unique partnership indeed,as trusted members on the official board of some such Government Cloak and Dagger Office. An Office pertaining to the colors of metal toy soldiers uniforms of all the leading  brands except one. All must produce fine upstanding toys soldiers for they are heavily inspected as if they were made of Sterling Silver.

As we can see,this little chap stands 25mm in height,and has had a very darkened history,but none passed judgement against him for it,and as he was so keen to sign up as a volunteer in May of that year,and all the others all off to fight the French on BB`s table. Well being last in line so to speak of it,he was left behind. So now what were Mr Tippings and Mr Mouse going to do with him? Or to put a finer point to it what color uniform would they agree on.

 " This is highly irregular." Mr Mouse argued the case to Mr Tippings. "The Green 69th along with the 12th Regiment of Fiddle Wood Foot,has sailed and all in red uniforms,and they fight the French as we speak here."
Mr Tippings,puts in his two cents worth declaring. "Well,Well.This Quick Shaded fellow who`s just turned up must  join another regiment of foot.What,What,and pretty darn quick about it too,and in full colored uniform before Horse Guards hear about it."
"This will be a slight on our authority if it leaks out. Mark my words. A slight Sir.A Slight."  A rather worried Mr Mouse remarked while wipe dabbing his brow with a rather large hanky.
" Now. Now, then Mr Mouse. Have you not noticed he`s already in a French style uniform.What,What?" A rather cool Mr Tippings snorted out quickly.
Gad! Man! This is getting worse by the the second. Can we just get rid of him somehow quick .Perhaps a drowning of something similar?"

 No.No! Mr Mouse,Beano Boy has already dunked him into some horrible stuff,and he survived it all.What, What!" Tippings declared.( It appears i was around in 1812. O Boy i sure do get around )
"Well Sir. Slighted Sir. There`s no regiment that marches left for him to join.Yes Slighted Sir.There will be the devil to pay when Horse Guards get wind of this."  The now even hotter under the collar Mr Mouse worriedly blurted out. The linen hanky  now soaked was inclined to wet,rather than dry up.
Now,Now! What,What! Simple,Simple. Mr Mouse.we will just make one up ourselves on paper.        And he being the only toy soldier in it. Means,Mr Mouse?"
"What,Mr Tippings?"
Well Sir,we draw money from Horse Guards for coloring 600 toy soldiers,plus Officers as well,for a full regiment of foot. And we split it right down the middle 60-40 like always. Tipping`s declared while rubbing his ice cool hands.
"That sounds very good.We must keep him nearby however where he can be seen.But where?"  A happy releaved red faced Mr Mouse, Chuckled out.      
Mr Tippings sounded out joyfully. " Right,Right,the whole regiment being him will guard the  steps and let none pass except us. I`mmmm,Got It! The 13th Honey Well Volunteer Regiment of Foot will wear French style captured uniforms dyed as red as your face old chap,With yellow facings. 

So it came to pass that he would pace contented up and down guarding the steps in full view of everyone. The little tin soldier would in fact have many an adventure in the future. However none would be as horrid as when Beano Boy ,dropped him into a tin of Quick Shade by accident. Which was recorded in Fiddle Wood History ,as BB`s QuickShade Dunking Stool Episode!

I feel he`s fit for Muster now he`s all cleaned up. 
A unique Muster indeed .Because like that TIGGER,He`s the only ONE.BB

French Swiss  Regiment


  1. Thanks Ray,I know i`m no painter but i try,and as for my writing i am very trying indeed. BB

  2. Nice post and nice job Beany Boy, lovely colors...well done!

  3. Thank`s for the comment Phil.Nice of you to stop by for a visit. BB

  4. You beast BB dropped in a tin of shade was he! He looks none the worst for his dip! Keep them coming BB I always enjoy your writings. I'm pretty sure his adventures will grow and grow 😀


    1. Hi Russ,I found the coloured uniform plate,and he is now a Swiss volunteer in the French Army,but of course he is in fact a double agent working for Lord Wellington. His mission is to locate Napoleons Treasure Wagons,stashed up with gold awaiting the rubbing hands of those at Horse Guards.It will pay for the wars. BB