Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Time Table featuring Fred & MayBell by Beano Boy

                                       Often is the case that there is much more meaning in a Title

Fred & MayBell`s Snooping`s have revealed many things as they travelled from the East of the Egyptian Temple toward the West along BB`s Fantasy table. After scrambling over rock chippings large and small they entered upon an ancient gallery. However the further they travel along it the  longer their journey is taking. It seems there is no end in view. The table is expanding as is the gallery much faster than they are progressing along its length. It is Like Some Mysterious Black and White Dream. Certainly one MayBell, has tried hard to awaken from ,____________but with no such luck.  Another curious thing is Fred is permanently energised whereas before  he needed recharging on a daily basis. So something is the great cause of all this. Where these two are heading nobody knows not even i.
                                                            The Jungle Photograph

There is still a great confusion as to whatever happened in the year 1492 ,and what importance it  means for Fred. What is now known for sure as any fixed date in Time and Space,is the fact that a photograph taken in 1874 has just turned up in November, in the London of 1899. A rather seedy  character the name of Mr Spotit ,has just placed it into the hand of none other than Dr Nots`gnivil,a distinguished Explorer. I wonder if he has others,and just where they will lead?


The Gallery is not only getting longer,but darker too and an invasive jungle is swamping every crack and covering every stone contained in it.                                                                                                

Things are certainly getting much tougher  for these two Pals

Other mysteries ,are just who is taking the pictures? What year is it? 
How did they escape that Giant Cobra?

It appears the Old Guy: The Cobra had lost his Venom so he was no real threat after all .As for Fred his Battle Cry Directive turned out likewise to be of no real threat too. Especially after MayBell introduced her old friend Elvis the sleepy eyed Cobra! The year is 2015 when this photo above was taken. However those Black and White photo`s are from 1874. THE TIME TABLE is flashing not only in Differing Colours but in Differing Time Zones as well. The greatest thing is everyone of these guys do not know it to be the case. Which means they could end up anywhere in any time the TABLE     Chooses.                                                                                                                                                
As to who is taking the photographs his first name is Ned, his last name is Beano.                                 
Conclusion of odd sorts
I had thought to construct my own time machine,but then realised that i already had one: THE TABLE. Although i expect the little Blue Box will appear often at strange times. Perhaps even in the next of my very tall tales.                                                                                                                          



As we have a return now to this odd,very odd Topsy Turvy style. Fred has now analysed the full meaning of 1492 and with this info the table has stopped.

FRED will now take over.

Data...1492... Data.. Set in time a Course in Time...  Data.... a turn around to 2941... Data does make no sense!... Data... Turn Around Again ..Data... This time in words... Data..  First Two Single Numbers, TWO NINE.... Data... Next Two Combined Numbers...Data.. FORTY ONE... Data... FORTY ONE... Data.. TWO NINE...Data..The TIME... Data... FORTY ONE MINUTES TO NINE....Data...Leaves  W...Data...W.... A DROP IN COURSE....Data...A  DROP IN COURSE...TO  TAKE SOMEONE/ SOMETHING SOMEWHERE.....Data.....TO TRAVEL.....Data Ends

Well that`s explained 1492,i bet you were thinking of the discovery of the new world? Perhaps in another totally new direction you could be right. For the next Clues to this Riddle,one must go else where to find a glimmer more of the answer.

In my Book: Jungle Photograph,there stands a Gibbit. An upright post with a projecting arm for hanging bodies of executed criminals on in a metal body frame as a warning. Along with the 1492 carved into the dark wood are two names combined because of space limitations.

                                             FRED will now take over

Data...BOOK  JUNGLE  PHOTOGRAPH.....Data...GIBBIT...Data... 1492 NEDPEG....Data...1492 Already  Analysed...Data...GIBBIT....NEDPEG...SPACE LIMITATIONS...Data...PEG...Data... FIX A COURSE...Data...NED..Data..N.E.D..Data..NASA/PAC..Data...EXTRAGALATIC DATA BASE...Data..LEVEL 5...Data...GALAXY ALIGNMENTS...Data..ENDS

 So guys although the unite F.R.E.D, known as Fred has revealed Data,is his journey now at an end?
We now realize the Time as being a Clock Time and the Link has been made with Galaxy Alignments.What we have missing now is the Clock!  Or Indeed Perhaps Two Clocks.And the means of travel.                                                                                                                                                    

                                  That however is another    Very Tall Tale. For another Time.                                                                                                                                   

The Title:The Time Table:_ Travel Directions, Maps_Time Sheets,Calculation,Mathematics Table.

Well that was some odd rambling was it not?                 

The Oddest Thing!
It was upon the bright but cold morning of 24/01/2016,a Sunday as i recall. That these two Pals met upon the table top. For those unfamiliar with my odd cartoon  style adventures  concerning these two MayBell, is of course on the right. " MayBell! MayBell! I`ve just had my first dream."____" I know Fred."_____ "You do?"_____" Yes,i most certainly do."____" But how?"____" Never mind the  how Fred.The next time you Dream,just keep me out of it."______" You mean MayBell____"___" Yes,yes i do.For i have just had a most frightful day time type Nightmare!"

As the two shuffle upon my work table of this and that. Fred ask`s the question,"MayBell, What`s a Knightmare?"____" Fred you mean Nightmare?"_____"No MayBell.......Input is being downloaded upon my files!"......" Here we go again then????????" MayBell Sighed.

                                 Well they did not stay to long.i wonder where they are off to?



  1. Black and White Dreams...mmm, I should try this one day, I find your pictures great!

  2. Thanks Phil.There are many a tall tale to spin out upon this table.Glad you like the pictures. Nice of you to visit and comment too. It goes to prove there`s life out there after all. BB

  3. Nice one, Beano, I clicked the 18 January 2016 link and... voilá :) Cheers :D

    1. Sorry for late reply on this one D,being so busy elsewhere i guess,So i missed seeing it,but i do answer comments as they arrive normily. So thanks for following the link instructions. Greetings & thanks again. BB