Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Toy Roman Replacements by Beano Boy


"Are you sure it`s true?"_____ "Yip! We invade Britain."____ "Whatever for? Those Brits are a mean bunch you know?"______ "Tin , Lead and Coal."_____ "Coal?"_____" Yes,Coal,but its not been discovered yet."____" Well i never."

On a need to know bases,the real objective  was kept Highly Secret. So Secret in fact, it never ever  has been mentioned in any history book. Or anywhere. Except here and Now.

Very soon with a fair wind and Galley Slaves rowing.The Romans invaded lower Britain. Then established Strongholds,and after Bif! Bash! Crash! Wollop! They seized what they had come for. The Cabbage Patch!
A few days later.
Reviewing the replacements.

"Flavious,this cannot be.Surely Caesar,would never allow them to land in that condition?"
_____"Well Markus,you are my Twin Brother,and I say it is.And whats more is there are only two of them."___" Gad!This sounds worse than i thought.Two you say?"_____ "YES.And to make things worse they are to guard our Highly Prized Objective,  The Cabbage Patch."

"No,No Flavios. This can`t be happening. Look at them. They are not fit to replace our brave lads who now lay injured so, in the Hospital Tent, after being Bashed about by those nasty Brits."____ 
"Well Markus, I did advise you not to let the guys play them at Football!"_____ "Yes,Yes Flavios,you were Right. However for now,we best get  E`m painted up before Caesar see`s them."____ " Righty O` Brov."

"Now Flavious,concerning that Football Match. Those Nasty Brits, Cheated, because they used those wooden clubs."____" NO,NO  Markus. The Brits call them Cricket Bats."_____" Cricket Bats?"
____" Yes, it`s a Game that`s not been invented Yet!"___" Well i Never."

It was a short time later when Flavios sent me a scroll. A certain something i could not read,but i guessed it was about the two new replacements who were already assigned to their new post.
There`s not much going on down there. It makes one wonder why all the fuss about half a fly spec.

"You mean we came all the way from Gaul,to guard this dirty little spot in Britain?" _______"Yip!"____"Whatever For?"______" Perhaps this could be the high spot of Britain,and people flock here each year for their Summer Holl`s."

I got to Splish! Splash! Paint onto these two fellows,and soon I`d given them both color and a wash. So back they went on duty to their really important post.  It had lightly rained while i took time out to smarten these guys up, and___________________________

                                      I guess we sure do grow them quick and big in Britain!



  1. Cute and funny...I love that!

  2. Thank`s Phil. I do paint sometimes,and these are of course from the Asterix range of Bubble Gum Figures. Rarer then Hens Teeth!
    Thank you too,all you other guys who liked this fun time topic. There is another in the pipe-line as i type this. See Ya.BB

  3. Great paint job on the figures, they look fun.

  4. Thank`s Silver Whistle. Nice of you to drop by and visit. Painting these were a welcome relief from painting Napoleonics after 10 years without a day off.BB