Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Acrylic Paint Organizer my Design. Not the See Through One Shown Here. by Beano Boy

A plastic Paint Rack cost  £25.00 plus £12.03 Shipping Cost

This is crazy money,and i have decided to make my own that will fit my needs. I`m going to make it from paper card and save all that DOSH!  Money to buy Toy or Model figures. So it will not be see through,but it will hold my smaller paints so they don`t keep falling over. 

Many friends on Bennos`s Figure Forum,use plastic clip`s as seen above.  Which is Ok,but I want to organize all my paints not just a few of them. I`m fed up with them falling over and skittling along my table top.

Those  above and below are £8.00 for 10 Clips. I need 50 for my paints. My Budget for all the work is £2.00. Yes I`m doing this on two bottle tops and shoe string.

                                                               THE WORK BEGINS

I have 43 paints this size,and i need to house them in one bold colorful section This card is a quarter section i cut off,and it cost 50 pence in Sterling. Whole sheets i buy in bulk and pay £2-00 a sheet. That saves me 50 pence on each sheet. So i have lots for scratch building projects.

A Large 68 slot organizer,is marked out and i decided to make it fit neatly on my painting table. Very easy to mark out with lines along the paper card and across it. The line going along this piece marks the center line of the circles to be cut out.

Now the tricky bit,cutting around the edge of each circle.

Cutting completely through the card,but leaving the cut-out still in place to retain the strength of the card in order to stop it bending and creating a weakness

It took me just over an hour to cut the 64 circles. This was done carefully with a new craft-knife blade. After finishing the last cut-out it was then safe to remove all the cut-out sections of waste. The pictures below shows where the lines are drawn across the paper card. The top is finished for now but placing the top alongside the paper gives the points where the line go across. These lines are important because they mark the place where the slats will go when the full assembly begins.

Above and below shows how the first edge has been cut out. I mark out once,and this is now the template for another 4 strips that are to be cut out.

After carefully lining up the edges of the card with that of the template they are clamped together tight with clamps over the work piece  and under the table and this action avoids marking out again,and makes it possible just to score a line in the paper card,but not right through it,to avoid damage to the table.

Once the clamps are removed,and the template set aside. It`s easy to place the paper card on the cutting board and just  finish cutting through the card. So that`s two pieces done,and another three to go.

All five lengths are now cut out and the line marked out where half jointed slats will be  glued in place later. You may notice the large tick on the right end side of the cut out pieces. This is my system that keeps the assemble  work simple,because each piece is the same. The tick makes sure it will go together with each piece placed the same as the others just in case one end is slightly off. There is also a tick on the top for this very same reason.

Above on the table 15 shorter pieces have been cut out each with an R on the right side. These will all be half jointed along with 3 of the long pieces. This will make it possible to slot all the pieces together to make a very strong frame work which will be glued up later and stuck onto the bottom of the top section. Sorry no plans to show,they are in my head.

The work is moving along nicely

My paints standing in the void of my sticky tape.

Yah! This is going to be  Great and extra space for more stuff.

Half Jointed Card

The halfway point on the card is marked out and cut halfway across and the pieces removed on all the 15 slats,and also on 3 longer pieces. This allows the slats to be slotted into each other.

This is a dry run,and each piece is slotted into the 3 longer sections to form the framework,and if adjustments need doing it is simply done without getting all  sticky with glue 

This is very simple to do,and it is a very strong design that does not involve lots of hard work. However it is important to follow the guide lines.

This piece is just placed on top of the underside of the top section,and this is still a dry run,meaning without glue. The longer pieces not half jointed form the front and back sections to the paint organizer.

I`ve flipped it over so it`s easy to see how each little paint tube has its own strong box to sit in.

Mrs B,brought me a Cuppa. Magic Necter Sweet and Hot.


Everything checked out fine. So out with the PVA Glue.

                                      So On it Went . Splosh! Splosh! Looking good.

Simple cut brackets strengthen the sides.

                     All fixed in place. Painting next. Turning the paint tubes around and around make the
                   edges more presentable. BUT____________

I`m not into winning tidy awards,but in producing good strong stuff   for my needs.

All finished. A new paint mixing tray Mrs B, bought me. More Asterix and Obelix Figures on the table along with what were very blue Romans. The prize is the Cowboy and Indian Brave. From 1954 he is The Lone Ranger. A Gem for my Collection.

The Paint Organizer cost me £1.40 to make including the glue,the paint and the new knife blade,and a throw away cheap paint brush.  It`s much better than spending £37.03 on brittle plastic.
                                               Thanks For The Visit BB


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    1. I don`t get many Benno-Knights coming to visit. So you sure made me laugh. Take Care Ray,and don`t let your girls play with your Loaded Dice. BB

  2. Hello Ray,It`s Good to see your friendly face. Thanks for the visit and comment. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks in the 1950`s and early 1960`s. I made do then,and i make do now. However i do spoil myself rotten buying all kinds of wonderful toys. HOORAH! BB

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    1. Hi, Ray. Nice to read your funny one liners.Thank`s for replying. One has to smile of such black & white times.Thankfully those days are long gone,and Life for me is quite grand these days,i just prefer not to pay good money out on that brittle rubbish now on the high street market. Here at Beano Castle we have stone flooring. Drop that off the peg stuff onto that and it will smash to pieces. See Ya! BB

  4. Thank you John,for your visit. Although not poor,i always remember as a widows son,when i was. Saved money can be spent on what i like to term,Needful Things, ( TOYS , and Model Figures) BB