Tuesday, 22 December 2015

BB`s, Blog ____________ One Year Old By Beano Boy

Just a few Pictures of things already shown,and those not shown,and some projects to come in the near future.

                                                                Vintage Toy

                                 The Scratch Built Spraying Booth,and Lazy Susan


                                         The Jungle Adventure Coming Soon

                                                        BB,The  Fiddle Wood Gnome

"MayBell, BB`s Blog is now one year old." ,said little old Fred.____ " Yes, congratulations BB,and we like being included  on many a project too."  _______ " I second that BB",  a very happy Fred said as he gave himself a twirl on the cardboard.

                                                 BB,in the Honey Well Room

Two Woody Train Sets. Fragile Rubbish,but treat them like you would fine China of Glass,and they are just the job for a Wild-Western theme Railway.

                              "BB,s Blog,You say?"_____ " Yes, and he`s now placed us upon it. "

              The Fortress. Our little Dog,the one eyed Keats go in on this Photo,
              but She`s most Welcome.

                                                                   The Dry Waterhole

                                                       Gearing up a notch for making bases.

                                                   The Complete Asterix Metal Range

                                                                     BB`s Toy Figures

"Look`s like Dinner below."____________ " Yes we get to eat real good here on BB,s Blog." The circling Vultures remarked.

                                                                     It`s Still Dry

                                                     Part of my Roman Garrison

 Having the Last few Word`s Skull,the skull. " Many Great and Small,  items to come."

I have enjoyed my first year so much with presenting a glimmer of my Quirky Stuff.  See Ya! BB


  1. Well done for this year BB, a creative and very nice blog! Interesting Jungle Adventure project...

    1. Thank you Phil. Your comments are most welcome,as indeed any one else`s are too. As Holmes said,"Whatson, The Games A Foot!",and there are plans a plenty for 2016 that`s for sure. More Story`s.Many more Scratch Building Projects,and even work on my Railway Layout,and with me being quite puffed out,painting figures too. BB

  2. Thank you for a great deal of pleasure and taste of sanity in a mad world.

    1. Thank you Noverr man, for commenting.Long ago i was sane,but it drove me mad.It was the worse 30 seconds of my life.BB

  3. I look forward to seeing many many more of your adventures on these very pages!

    1. Thank`s Russ,for your visit and rather kind comment. I have a few quirky iron`s in the fire so to speak. Work will resume soon on the Foundry,and I`m working on a little Book Tutorial,to aid first time scratch builders with a few tips. There will be lots of other stuff too for the coming year. Thanks again BB