Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BB`s Railway: Honey Well Station ____ by Beano Boy

 Honey Well Railway Station was born from my fancy alone,and i designed it to look toy like in every detail from the first brick level looking up to the utmost top of each chimney pot looking down.
At each end of this tiny railway station beyond the gate a pathway leads us across the garden to each little  Railway Cottage.  I planned one to provide good accommodation for the kind portly Station Master Dan D Hifec and his loving Wife and three very argumentative teenage daughters, and also another for Mr Roger Pots Langis the Chief Signalman, and his rather thin but fiery Wife  known as Yesdear and their four overactive teenage boys.    Mrs Yesdear Langis, actual Christan name was Helga ,but as poor Roger could hardly ever get a word in edgeways with her constant nagging yapping,he just constantly replied Yesdear. Being a devout man of faith a practicing  good Christan Mr Langis prayed constantly for himself to be either struck deaf or for his Wife to be struck dumm.                                                                                                                                           

I took these photo shots while the buildings had been taken off the layout while alterations were being carried out on the Railway Layout.They show both the front and the back of the station however two railway lines are simply placed where the real ones normally lay.

The tiny figures seen within the station are mostly conversions from very cheap plastic railway people from China. I turned smaller scale male figures into school girls by scraping the trousers down to form legs and then added pleated skirts, and little white straw hats,and shoulder bags all made of paper. More detail on the figures was created by PVA Glue,which is in fact a cheap resin,and is easy peasy to apply with a tiny paint brush. AIRFIX,__Dapol figures make up the railway staff,with others converted to figures  reading newspapers which are actually real newspaper pages taken from on line and shrunk down during the printing process. So they are tiny newspapers made for HO OO railway figures figures stuck in place and varnished for protection. The great thing about converting figures is you end up with unique tiny figures that you want on your own layout. It`s great fun too.

Every part of the station and other buildings were created by my own system of modelling using paper card and glue.I use an old metal Parker Pen empty of course for all the scribing work carried out on the roofs and the pavement,steps and platform.    All the brick work was achieved by building up every individually brick several times with PVA Glue.     All the paint used was free emulsion left over from house decorating, and given to me from kind friends and good neighbours.   The end result is not fragile models but really tough  buildings. Applied Physics determines a very strong long lasting structure.                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                    You can see the guy reading his newspaper,and the two argumentative sisters on the platform and the poses really work well.

A man sitting, his arms made of dress makers pins and PVA Glue is reading his paper. While further along another with converted legs reads his Beano Comic,I wonder if we are related?

Opp`s! Like in OZ! This aint Kansas anymore! Every building has gone up just like that one of Dorothy`s. Well I`m sure they will descend again,but until they do you can view the tiny Stations base and platform without straining your eyes. You also get to see the other figures from a different viewing angle.

Modelling this was great fun ,cheap and cheerful,and without much cost at all. It took a few weeks to complete three summers ago,but has served the little railway well. What with the children waiting for the train to take them to Dowson Girls School,and the commuters to the City of Norwich a few short miles down the Line.  With the staff about their business ,and other sites and  sounds seen and heard,for there are lights in all the buildings and the loco`s pulling their trains rattle by with every wheel declaring to every ear ,Nearly there,Nearly there,Nearly There.

Wow! the Honey Well Station is back from OZ! But alas no Dorothy to be seen,and where are the tiny cottages?

There you go. There they are. All in all a simple but rather nice success.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed your visit.   BB                                          



  1. Of course I've enjoyed my visit! Very impressive, realistic and beautiful!

  2. Opp`s! Sorry Phil for rather late response to your comment. Very glad you enjoyed your visit buddy.
    I hope to work on more buildings for my railway next year.I certainly have lots of ideas,but time rushes by. I will do tutorials on scratch building,and conversions of figures that`s a certainty for next year. BB