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Bricks & Mortar, Windows & Doors ___ By Beano Boy

                               This is what i use for Scratch Building                      
                               Paper Picture Framing Card. 34"X 24" Sheet
                             Water Proof P V A Glue,Emulsion,and S Matt Paint  

                                  Sample wall marked out for this illustration only

                              Two strips are stuck together making a good solid section of wall.

                                       This shows how i did most of my Brickwork.

Each brick is raised by applying P V A Waterproof Glue. Buy the cheap P V A Glue and you are paying for 40% more water. Water is cheap for them,but expensive for the customer. The more you do the quicker it gets. Each brick requires raising up several times in this way. As the work proceeds a good mortar line develops. This will give a natural shadow defining the brickwork after the entire wall both sides is finished.

This wall and many more like it were made in double sections of paper card,and all the brickwork was made by this system i developed over the years. Above shows the wall stuck onto the narrow base so it`s free standing.
Time consuming true,but you end up with a tough solid wall. Not a fragile plastic or flimsy foam board one.  No need to buy wood where one has to stick plastic brick sheets to it. I spent pennies rather than Pounds Sterling.
Being disabled and retired i have plenty of time to work on stuff when i like.  I am never bored I have so much that i like to do.Research,Writing,Scratch Building ,Painting. Doing stuff on Benno`s Figure Forum ,and now here on my little slice of the Internet,makes for me a happy life.

Walls are given a Black or Dark Brown Emulsion undercoat. When dry, a tiny  dip of yellow added to  white emulsion paint gave the perfect result that i want.  The paint is stippled on with a cheap stiff brush.A good tip is wash the brush in soapy water. This removes any loose bristles from the brush. Dry it out before using it.

It`s just an up and down process which creates a good mortar line and also raises the bricks too.
                                                                             When dry.

Cut Up Washing Up Sponge

                                                        Emulsion Brown & orange mix

                              A small section of wall for  my railway made the very same way.

                           Lightly applied leaving  a good mortar line and lime still on the bricks.

It only takes seconds finishing off the walls with a small piece of sponge. The result age old brickwork.

                                                  A Terraced House
   Norwich City, has many Terraced Houses and in fact I lived in one for near on 30 years,before moving out to Fiddle Wood and a start to a new life with Mrs B.  That was 17 years ago .
How time fly`s when one is having fun.        

 With the example of how to do brickwork  shown first. I made this sample up for illustration purposes only,because much of my work i did over a 14 year period.

A Terraced House. The front section only.  The Paper Card was marked out for the brickwork and then the Doorway & Window too. Long rows of houses can be created in this way just by marking out longer lengths of card,and then adding the windows and doors to be cut out. This saves time by not having to measure out each house singularly.

Placed onto another card and used as a template the window and door is traced out. So marking out the door and window on the second card can now be done. I did a simple door design here and it was scribed out using a pen.  The window marked out for two simple cut out sections.

 As you can see the door was painted black,but door design and colour is down to individual  fancy. The window was painted white. The paint i used was S Matt Paint.

Ah yes ,before I painted the door I cut down one side of it completely,then cut right through the top and bottom too. However I allowed  for the step as can be seen in the pictures. Then i scored a line down the other side of the door at the front,but very lightly only about halfway through. This allows the door to swing  open without the need for hinges.  The Semi Matt Paint makes the door and window tougher than any plastic.A Dress Makers Pin is pushed through the door where the handle will be placed.    

A light dry brushing having taken place it is now for the rather expensive door handle to be fitted. _____________ Don`t worry it`s only the same shiny pin pushed through, and cut off at the back.
I place kitchen paper over the pointed end of the pin before cutting it off,because these things fly and so are dangerous.

                                        It is now beginning to look like a facade of a house.

I don`t bother with putting glass in these windows because they dust up and when whiped  leave scratch marks on the plastic which shows horribly on photo`s. My way always give a clean window look to each house.

 I set this scene up just to show how props can be used. There appears to be a dispute about something with these  AIRFIX ________ DAPOL Figures.

                                           OK than lets get to work on those bricks.

                                                                  Job Done and Dusted

"Look here Mate.  If you don`t stop !!!!!!! I`ll blu tac your  hide to that door!"
Well why not guys? After all their feet are fixed in place using that stuff.

Below some of my finished buildings.

           A scene worked out for my town layout .Period 1950`s-1960`s

As a toy collector i also collect die-cast  Trucks,cars,Busses,Trams______ and anything from the period that has wheels.

                                            Thanks 4 stopping by  BB


  1. Thank you Phil,for commenting.It`s always good to see you have made a visit here to my tiny slice of the Internet.You and others are most welcome. Come one.Come all.BB

  2. I am stunned by your amount of skill and knowledge, I just wish I your patience into the bargain. The brickwork seems such an easy idea but very effective. Thank you for sharing your knowledge I know that I will be borrowing some of your ideas for sure.

  3. Well Ross,i am an artizan at heart,and my way of working is a curious one, and a good way of learning. Meaning by making mistakes and learning from them i move on and avoid making them again. BB