Sunday, 20 December 2015

How To Make a Removable Base for Model & Toy Figures by Beano Boy

Hi There Guys, some might well ask ," Removable bases ,Why?" That is a good solid question,and i will answer it. This is mainly aimed at 1/32 scale figures.Or horse bases.Lets say one wished to paint a figure and make that figure stand in Grass with a few stones,or even Mud,which i`m sure would look fine. Lets say another is painted up Fine and Dandy,and standing in Desert Sand, and yet another stood Frozen in Harsh Winters Snow,and so on.  Well one has limited just where those figures can be placed. I recently viewed a topic showing cavalry all line up for fun and games,some of the horse`s painted superbly were standing upon a bass of grass others were standing on a snowy base of thick covering snow,and to the camera shot,they all stuck out like a sore thumb. I asked the question,What If? I could not come up with an answer then,but i can now. This topic deals with only one figure,but the principles set down can be of help to Modellers and War Gamers ,alike. What really impressed  my way of thinking was when i saw medieval men at arms a standing along in rows upon a battlement of stone,and yes they each were standing on grass. The very Best & Worst, example depending just how one wishes to address  such a question as this,was of a WWII German Officer standing in his Office with a few men ranked up in front of him. Great shiny floor of polish,wood, and shine,and them including him standing in a rich bright green carpet of grass. Well enough said lets get it sorted out.

Removable bases cut out of free plastic the stuff that people now have sense to recycle,but it has many a use in model making.

 My 1/32 scale figure was painted up as good as i can do such a thing. This was how i did the very first removable base. I scribed out a pattern that would with trial and error fit snug-like between the feet of my figure. In this case The AIRFIX Archer one of my favourite figures from the old days.

I decided he would stand upon a base of rough stone,and it was just the simple case of using PVA Glue and placing the stone where i had wish for it to go. Lets call it the minds eye.  Looking up at that plastic sheet a free-by from the waste, you can notice the outline of a couple of bases. After taken so much time out to jiffle and cut out and maneuver a base that would fit,i had no great wish to follow that procedure again on hundreds of the same toy figure. So after the stone work base was dried solid a quick home made wash was applied ,and i then placed it onto the plastic and soon after when dried out in every degree i removed it leaving the next shape to cut out as you can see it. Job done and Dusted. Well not just yet lets take a look at the base again.

A handy tip to pass on for free.

The way the Archer was finished off with string to his bow can be seen on an earlier posting on this Blog. For now,at the time set solid in time by the camera,he stands upon the base. I have a point , a question,What if several bases all different from one another were made. 1 of sand. 1 of grass,1 of  mud,1 of snow,1 of castle stone,1 of wood floor,_____________and so on?   Concerning those horses already mentioned what if that thick snow had been made upon a removable base? Well it would have simply slipped off and crafty-like another of grass slipped quickly in place.  I hope you guy`s have found this little topic of interest.

Thanks for looking.

 On the 22/12/1015 this Blog is one year old,
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