Monday, 14 December 2015

Making the Little Box by Beano Boy

Being quite prone to having accidents with tipping over little tins of paint,i made a little box up  11 years ago that would rule out my awkwardness. However today i wanted to use enamel paints on my scratch building  project,and i could not find my little box anywhere. Yes,high and low. This way and that way,and no where in sight did i see it. So  I made another out of an off-cut of paper card. lucky it is that i throw nothing away.

Now it  is a fact that i also buy Acrylic Paint in the same size plastic type cans. Here are a few shots of the procedure  a walk through of ease.

Things sometime need doing,because it would be a dead certainty that i`d knock it over,like the many before it. It`s easy to mark out a square,and trace around the can.

        The pieces needed are cut out.

The all important test. It`s a tight fit,and turning it around a few times makes for a clean snug fitting hole.

No need for tidiness here. Plenty of P V A Glue,and the first two sides are fixed on,and support brackets are added to strengthen the top and sides.

The other sides and brackets are added in the same style of plenty of glue.

The two pieces of card cut wider than the top that make up the base are stuck together,and are placed aside for 5 minutes. Then a heavy book is laid on top of it. This procedure stops the two pieces from slipping out of line.

Magic,things are going well.

Plenty of glue again and the little box is placed on the base. Left  likewise again for a few minutes,then the book is placed upon the top.

      After 10 minutes it is not going to move,so the book is removed.
A really neat and nice looking tight fitting for the tiny can.                                                         

The fitting allows support for the can at this angle too as the paint level reduces in the can. Which is very useful.

With the box finished i can get on with the task in hand. As this item is enormously strong it will last years and years and i can highly recommend it as a very useful painting tool.                                        

In the meantime if my other box shows up with a cheeky grin after playing Hide & Seek perhaps peping from behind a curtain,i will be most glad to see it. It took over 11 years to paint it in all sorts of colorful blobs and drips and i used to stir the paint and leave the dripping match stick off to one side on the top. Yes my little lost box certainly had well earned colorful character.

I`mmm,I wonder where Mrs B,has moved my brushes?

                            There you go. More Boxes.  Much like Inkwells.

11 years or so ago i also made two bigger sizes too. One for the large size tin of Humbrol Enamel Paint.

The other one  for the largest size Pepper Pot,which is put to good use by decanting Emulsion Paint into it.

Recycle Yes,but alternate uses can be found for tons of stuff we throw away.

 Not being into tidy looks,they fit my purpose well,and so certainly look well used. They save accident prone me from creating much chaotic mess,but i must get out of the habit of dipping my brush in my tea.

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