Monday, 7 December 2015

Mr Glad Grind`s Foundry ____________ a 15mm Scratch Build by Beano Boy

Somehow I`ve lost all the Photoe`s so I will republish real soon, Beano Boy

The Foundry is owned by Mr Glad Grind,who lives up to his name by grinding down his work-force on a daily basis. The time period covered in my story`s will be from the 1940`s to the early 1960`s,and so plenty of scope for writing of some of the characters that will be based upon real people. However names will be changed as i have no real wish to be sued. I wonder who Mr Glad Grind is based upon?

Having re-found the pictures I have once again added them here.  However what i wrote in the first place has gone,because thoughts we have come so quick in the course of typing them down so i am afraid the original text is lost forever. So I begin again. Above the four bay building designed by my fancy alone,and after marking it out to no finer point. I took pen in hand and scribed it out deeply. The building is one of Asbestos Sheeting of various sizes and styles bolted onto metal girders. Here and there dilapidation can be viewed as the scribing reveals broken off parts from that very dangerous stuff.  Two raised up Metal Shutters make it possible to line an eye full to view inside through to open doorways. However there will be changes ahead for this foundry which i will deal with and explain later.

The inside supports keep the build a little square,but my view if things turn out not to be so is ,"That`s Just Character." Like many a real building one can see dotted about.

The build went quickly up,and to plan. The little Truck is 1/100 scale = 15mm.and it and others will be loaded with iron castings. Others will bring in the Silica Sand sand,and the Green Moulding Sand used in the foundry.

Now an interesting point to make is,the sand used for making moulds the green sandstone is the same as used in Cat & Dog Litter Bags. It is also the same sand used to make Face Packs of Mud bought highly expensive for ladies use in Beauty Treatments. So yes Ladies are in fact Cat Littering their faces. One has to laugh at such things as research reveals them to be the case.

                                     Below another twist and turn in the scratch build

For the windows of the foundry i have need of frosted glass. So I will make some using my own method.Bear with me please this is a tried and tested process because i have such windows in my little Church,my Bus Station and my Shoe Factory which in part make up my little town upon my railway layout.

It is just a mater of painting some  waterproof PVA Glue onto the glass cutting board that has a nice rippled effect on the glass.  It takes a few days,but at nearly 67 years old i am beyond rushing,and if it saves money in the long run it`s well worth it. I buy the expensive P V A Glue and decant some of it into a plastic tub and let it stand over night  with the top off,to allow evaporation to acquire. Now if one buys the cheap P V A Glue, one is paying for the 50% Water they pour into it. So if one wishes to pay extra for water by all means do so,but it will run as if it were upon a four minute mile.

The window frames have been placed upon the roof,but they are not fixed yet,because they will need painting first.

After four coats of the thick stay put glue,and 5 days  have passed by as a Whizz,it is time to lift the stuff off the cutting board. Mrs B,ever helpful took the pictures. It comes off easy.

For an illustration only i have turned the home-made glass over,thus revealing the perfectly copied rippled pattern that is just the ticket, ( Right ), for the job of making tiny frosted windows that will look very good when they are fitted onto the foundry roof,and eventually when the lights are fitted. I bought hundreds of tiny lights from China a few years ago for my scratch built homes and other buildings. 

The Figures

I also bought hundreds of cheap ghastly looking plastic railway people for conversions. The 1/100 figures above range between 15 to 17mm,but are acceptable following the rule foot to eye level. Some i will convert into foundry workers. Moulders, Furnace-Men,and others about the place. Some i will shorten and make stubby fat ,by using the PVA Glue as modelling resin. Using Dress Makers pins perhaps too to alter the poses. Those sitting down will be on their tea or lunch break.So i use these cheap no frills figures as Dolly`s! Building the Blast Furnaces can be viewed in my other topic.


Above some of the conversions i did years ago. The bottom line are made from the center  line of cheap figures. Using Dress Makers Pins to form new arms. From left to right,the men fishing,and one having tea and a jam butty.The blind man, the Teddy Boy and the two Barge-Men.  The top line are converted AIRFIX figures by adding newspapers. The school girl was once a boy that i along with many others converted for Dowson Girls High School on the Honey Well layout. The legs having been scraped down to create bare legs and a paper skirt and hat added then painted. 

 Extending the Foundry.

With the making of my little box,the painting work has started and the roof and the outside walls have been painted with enamel paint. This really strengthens the model even more. Yesterday i placed a heavy book onto the side of this scratch build,and i could have added more. That was before painting,and once the black stuff dries it will make everything even stronger. So much so that many a heavy book from my collection could be piled on without the need to worry about damage. Paper is one of the strongest materials known to man,and that is why i use it. It is also very cheap.

Since this picture was taken i have also been able to paint the inside black too.
Above shows the result of scribing with a simply pen. Later when dry brushed it will make all the preparation and work well worthwhile that has been undertaken to produce another building for Honey Well my mythical little town. As i am always one that learns well by doing things myself i have decided to extend  the Foundry by just a little over two thirds.

This mock up shows the enlarged plan of  this place. Between the two furnaces there will be a large open entrance a large doorway leading to the back where the the loading area will be.  After cutting the other two side walls  out detail for scribing can begin. Then a new roof made.                                 Although looking massive it is only a third bigger than an a 4 Size Sheet of  Paper                              

                                             Thanks for stopping by.  BB


  1. wow, wow and wow. That is a pretty special build! I cant wait to see how it comes along. The detail and thought that you have is incredible! Your a man after my own heart with scratch building, although I think my work pales into insignificance compared to yours. I really am looking forward to future posts.

  2. Thank`s Russ,for your kind comment. Another update has been added.As a retired Engineer,it could be said that i have a working man`s insight into heavy industry.As a writer these are great places to dream up characters based upon real people.Mr Glad Grind is just one. BB