Sunday, 20 December 2015

Much to Learn:The Waterhole _______by Beano Boy

It was a clear cut case of the one and only Watering hole drying up and even the Playmobil Vulture's were moaning about it. The tiny  remains of it,the puddle marking that  place was almost completely dried up. "Something has to be done about this." They argued amongst themselves. "We have a very important part to play in the toy collection,but even Vulture`s like a drink."____" Perhaps Lucky Luke,could help?" ____  "I doubt it.After all we did eat his friend,the old Indian Chief."______  "I`mmmmm,Yes you are right. I remember eating his foot."_____ "Perhaps MayBell might help?"_____ " No, Way am i going anywhere near ,where that Fred might be."____ " Yes ,you are right,I`ve seen what he does to Slugs and Snails in Mrs B`s garden.ZAAAAAAAAP! And they are Gone!"______"Well what are we to do?"_____" ZAAAAAAAAP! "Hear that? That`s another one Gone."

"Got-cher!  That makes Three MayBell."

Eventually the situation called for a quick build.   "BB`s on the case."  They all joyfully said.                                                                                                                                     

Cut, Slash,Tear,and Bend. Finally a Shape appears.

BB`s Waterhole,a mere Puddle of a Test.

Job done and dusted and as you can see by the muddy tracks hundreds now drink their fill. As for the Vultures they soar high upon a fresh breeze,and with eyes ever downwards they circle around looking intently for their next meal.

Eventually it began to clear. The grass trodden deep within the mud.

                                               The Little Horse Drinks His Fill

As the water depth increased the water cleared and reflected well the Male Furn in Mrs B`s Garden.I remember it was a Beautiful Day.

This was a Sample Project , A Test undertaken before the task  of creating the Waterways and the River on a much Larger Scale.  It was a learning curb alright,
and it taught me many a Reflective Thing. BB

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