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Scratch Building____ the Blast Furnaces for Mr Glad Grinds Foundry ________ Presented by Beano Boy

Sorry guys,about my losing all my pictures on my topic Mr Glad Grinds Foundry.I pressed to put it on draft and PING!__________ My Photo`s were gone. However I will republish when time allows me opportunity to do so. Work is still ongoing on that scratch build. In fact I decided to add another bay to that building.

The best laid plans of mice and men. The two Furnaces will be placed in a brand new bay further back. The great thing about mucking around with scratch building is there is always a choice to change course a little and catch another wave. 
Changing direction,a dead certain something one cannot do with off the peg stuff. My tiny furnaces will be made of cardboard from a roll that Christmas wrapping paper was on. So  my furnaces are freebies ,and a bonus and at the right time too.

I`ve made two tables up using paper card my mainstay when making stuff. As they are on their  backs you can see a  double door  trap door. Although it will not be seen i just had to cut these crude things out because i`m kinda nuts about these things.  i also wanted to explain why they are there on the real furnaces too.

Looking at the one on the right you can see how the furnace will sit upon its steel table. This  means the tiny fellow can tap out the white hot iron from a height that will enable  it to flow out and into a ladle placed in front of the spout. Which i will make next. When all the metal has been almost  emptied out,the trap door is sprung.  Both doors come crashing down ,BONG! Quite often is the dangerous case nothing happens. Then after a few tense seconds,perhaps 10,15,or more_____Whoosh! The lot comes down.The yellow Slag like treacle glass,and what remains of the coke,and white hot iron. It`s like an artillery shell exploding sending flaming hot showers of metal flying in all directions. Needless to say really everyone stands well clear of that inferno before it drops from the bottom of the furnace. How is the trap door sprung? Far to dangerous for someone to stand there pulling a lever like the hang man does.  In preparation of getting the furnace ready for melting the iron,the double trap door is held up and in place by a large steel bar that is wedged in tight,really tight against the doors and solidly fixed upright from the floor. Then an iron chain  with a hook is wound around the metal bar and and secured by way of the hook.  The chain is run out quite some distance and when the time comes it is pulled by way of a Crane or Forklift truck,and the steel bar is yanked free and out of place. The result the contents  fall safely.                                                

This Place is to be fixed tight on my Railway Layout and is re-set in the time period of  the 1940`s to early 1960`s. Very little changed during that span of years in the operational way it was run.                                       

 Although they look massive they are just a little bit over the one inch diameter .The little models will be fitted as described with the bar holding up the double doors ,and i have chain enough left over from a draw bridge to put the finishing touches to them too. The foundry will lift off its base so I will be able to model the Shop Floor. Magic. I will enjoy that.
The furnaces  will be cut shorter after they rise through the roof. It is there at that point a much slimmer chimney stack will continue up to the height  seen in the picture. Some miner dressing up to make them look the part will be easy to do,and there is a service hatchway to cut into the back of each one of the stacks where the iron  and other stuff is tipped in.    

 Another update soon.  Thanks for stopping by.  BB

There does not seem much change to the appearance of the Blast Furnaces,but looks are deceiving because they have been assembled having been glued up yesterday. Reinforcement  rings have been added and bolts need adding to them,and today the spouts for the molten iron,and the slag will be added. Inside the cardboard tubes which will now stay the same size and diameter,kitchen paper roll was pushed  inside after a few globs of glue had been applied there in. This now makes  them both quite solid. The top could be finish off with  railway ballast and painted as the inner raging inferno.Soon they will be finished from the standpoint seen from the shop floor,but work on the other side of that outside  wall will continue in my other topic which will include the outside bucket and pulley system feeding these Beasts Scrap Iron,Pig Iron,Lime Chips& Coke. 

 I included the diagram  so the principles of how a real furnace works could be more fully understood.  Although my furnaces are based upon those in Norwich foundries which i saw with my own eyes.  Hoppor Engineering,Barns & Pye,Barnards,and Laurance Scott Electromotors Ltd  Norwich both had this type of furnace which i am modelling.

The furnaces have been painted black and when dry brushed should look like they are in the  business of producing white hot iron  in the foundry.  As way of illustration only the little 15mm fellow is eyeing the spout where the hot stuff will be tapped out and into a waiting Ladle. The inner blue ring made by pen on 22 ,is roughly the size of that Ladle.  Now although the actual furnaces are finished there will be a cover constructed on top of them.  This will lift off in order for the entire foundry roof to be lifted off.                                                                                                                                                    

More Photographs Later

Thank`s again for looking.BB


  1. That is well cool, I'm thinking of doing some industrial buildings for my WW2 Stalingrad type set up! Its not even in the planning stakes yet but I'm pretty sure I will using this as inspiration! This is really coming into its own

  2. Thanks Russ ,for your friendly visit,and comment. I have many a scratch build planned for next year including Tongue & Grove Ltd,Wood Merchants.Glad Grinds Foundry is about to expand. BB

  3. Clever and very nice job Paul!

  4. Thanks Phil,always good to see you have hopped in to see my stuff. Very good of you to comment too. BB

  5. Wow, the card stock works so well for you. I love how you did the roof of the building. I'm just starting out with this and can only do a few basic things. I like to look at others' work and see what is really possible when you can really put a good amount of quality time into the project.

    Randall Rogers @ R J Heating and Cooling

    1. Just going through all my older postings I placed and I saw your comment. Thank you for stopping by,and sorry for this rather late reply time fly`s by so fast. I always answer comments but this one from 7 months ago is shame on me time. Greetings fron a rather wet,but leafy green Fiddlewood Norwich. BB

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