Friday, 25 December 2015

Simple Snow Effect by Beano Boy

The Prussian Officer on his Dangerous Quest Braving the Winters Snow it is now 1815                       

A Sack Full of Simple Homemade Presents for the Wives and Children of the Dad`s who never returned from the Napoleonic Wars

                                     Creating the tiny illusion for a very fast photo shoot

                     There are Times when  The Simplicity of Things Will Often Do.
                                       TAKE CARE THIS WINTER .   BB


  1. Neat idea! It looks very effective

  2. Thanks Russ. Nice quick and to the point,but only for photo`s. Permanent stuff needs more thinking about.BB

  3. Thanks Phil,for your visit.The pictures have far outlived the dusting away of such a snowfall as this. BB

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