Friday, 25 December 2015

The Last Dalek Scratch-Build _________ by Beano Boy

             There are bright times or perhaps other  times when one needs just a little help with 
Cutting This,That  & The Twisting  of Another. 

             The Moral of these Tales                                     
        One must remember that the first look of someone or something might be one of 
              deceiving our selves,but what happens later might shatter some stereo type cast illusions.                            

                                      Fred & MayBell showing just how to do it.

                                                Looks like a simple Job to do.

                                        In order to tye a not a Fred always needs a MayBell

                                                            The work begins.

                                         The work checked by the Template.

So to end the Unusual Building Sites,  a Weaving Exercise

With the workers now all gone with a lift off into outer space,the ends need trimming.
Fred & MayBell,agreed that it looked OK,and Fine. What i would think of it would be another matter.

                  I agreed too,It looks Fine.   So a Sci - Fi,Weavers Twist to this Little Tiny Tale. BB


  1. I'm going to have to invest in some daleks, they seem to be able to get more done more than me

    1. Well Russ,I believe in delegating stuff to Fred & MayBell,and they sort things out getting extra help in. I can hid behind these characters and if things go pear shaped and wrong,i don`t get the blame.i term it Emotive Psychological Cartooning.BB

  2. Happy to see that you(ve got so many little friends to help you, nicely done, and presented...congrats to all of you!

    1. Hi Phil,thanks for stopping by.i do have many friends hopefully they might help brighten the darkest of days. What one see`s is not entirely expected,or the end result of their activity questioned. BB