Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Shoe Factory & My Little Bike Shed

Going through which seemed countless old files on my Photo Gallery, i failed to find what i was looking for,but while searching i happened to come across these pictures of things i made myself  a few years ago. My little Bike Shed. You see? It was one of those kits that modellers often buy just to obtain the tiny bikes,and so i was no different. However i wanted a much better Bike Shed so i set about the task in hand,and made two. Although i am only showing my favourite one here. I designed it to be able to dress up the back of my scratch built Shoe Factory, which was based upon the real Shoe Factory my Brother Ron worked in from the tender age of 14 up until he retired at 62. As a highly skilled man he was the last person to actually build up from scratch the last pair of hand made shoes in that Norwich Factory.  During his working lifetime he took part in making the shoes for the Royal Weddings in the United kingdom,and he just loved his work. He remain unmarried ,but most happy with his lot in life,and his workmates where his family. Ron died 2 years after retirement,and deeply moved by it i took certain elements from the real building and Incorporated them into the design,and built the Shoe Factory for my Honey Well Layout. Just my way to remember my older Brother Ron, a sweet lovable man.

I wanted to record my work,by taking photo shoots with never ever having any thought  to placing them on line. Well we had no Internet Connection in my early scratch building days. However the stave's of change march along and we must follow along ,and so for two years i have placed a glimmer of my work on Benno`s Figure Forum,and now here upon my tiny slice of the web.

                                                   Made from paper card and cardboard.

                                                    Way down there the back of the factory.

The front view above. As i remember it i had just installed tiny lights inside the building. All the windows were created by using my PVA Glue method of making frosted glass. The rails were lifted due to ongoing work at the time.

Faces a bit fuzzy which is a good thing where my painting is concerned,but the bikes stand out well.

  Well that`s it guys, thank`s for taking time out to have a look see.  BB