Friday, 24 April 2015

Henry`s Medieval Tower a Scratch Build by Beano Boy

It was way back in November of 2013 that I started to build this eight sided Medieval Tower,with a view to showing how it was designed ,marked out,cut out ,put together and the detail of the place worked on. While placing each update along with lots of fun besides on Benno`s Figure Forum a  very Cool Place quite dear to my heart,I decided to show the clutter the mess and even the mistakes when things went wrong or stuff needed changing.It was there on the Forum that they allowed me the Eccentric, Madcap ,but honest Beano Boy to place many a Topic of This,That and the Other. Well Tons of stuff anyway that is for certain ranging from toy Figures,model figures,and other scratch building stuff,and more besides like my story telling . You see? I make things with the grand idea to us them in comic book style using  photo`s to help relate the story.It may not be everyones Cup of Tea,but  the object is to have fun ,and along the way perhaps bring a tiny bit of laughter in viewers lives if they have eyes and kind heart for it. Concerning Henry`s Tower,I built it in my usual style to save money,instead of saving time and spending lots of money. Anyway having left working on the Tower for Yonk`s I decided yesterday to give it a colour wash. My own stuff mixed up in a jar.  Water, black , brown, and green emulsion paint,and PVA Waterproof Glue. Given a good mixing with a very large brush,i began the process He, He, of Splash,dash,methodical wrist like Zorro,action.

These rather Posh Edwardians insisted on me taking their photo on their visit to this place,and they are  wonderful metal HO OO  1/76 railway scale figures from Andy Stadden. Google his name and get access to his shop on line. I highly recommend his stuff. Right then. Where was I ?  O yes, these new arrival`s totally understood just why Old King Henry allowed this eight sided Tower to be built. It being the case the Master Masons decided,that each odd wall of it represented a King Henry,of England,in former days leading up from the first one to King Henry VII himself. They also placed hidden symbols on each and every wall too,and an easy one is actually found upon the stone steps leading to the entrance.The history of this place is somewhat shrouded in mystery,but there are tales a many of great battles for this place,and even some that are set firm and fixed tight in the near future. One could say that these hard ,sharp flint walls are just awaiting that time,in Time & Space to arrive.

                                                       So work begins again

 Paper Card Buildings are so much fun to create,along with all the mess!

On the stone floor  lays a bag of Kiln Dried Sand,a certain something good I will use to make the long awaited for Base. 

By the way.To avoid accidents I blu tac the jar of Wash  to my little work table.

There will be Oak Beams added to  both sides of the piece above after a little more lighter colour is added later,and because the Wash applied has dried waterproof the added colour will not react with it. So there is good sound reason in   my cheap home spun mixture.It ain`t magic,it just works out fine.

Chimneys are so easy to make as are the Pan Tiles or Slate Rock Roofs that they sit upon ,and on which they gossip constantly to each other upon their daily overseeing sights that they always have just cause to look down upon.

What cheek a Nosey Roman just waltzed in for a Gander at all the work just  like Goosey Goosey. ( A look see! ) I must fix the solid Oak Door with hinges, and bolts of steel onto this place,if I can find out where I put it.  So hopefully the next time he decides to call he`ll need a Battering Ram and a few hundred men in trying hard to gain access.

Yip!Another two Romans upon the stone steps too. So here can be seen Henry`s Eight sided Medieval Tower above. More posting will come later on this Topic ,but until then.That`s it for now.  BB

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Secret Garden by Beano Boy

_______________________       WELCOME  to The Secret Garden__________

  It was 16 years ago that Mrs B,and I began to plan and then build the structures in our  five tiny gardens that skirt around our house. Gardens so tiny that I wanted very large wooden Arbours both in and over them to  help create that feeling of a much Bigger Space than there actually is. "Small garden?" I ask people,and "Yes" they often reply."Well have you considered that up is free ,you know? So why not use it." Small spaces? Then Think BIG! Of course it took eight years to finish all  those gardens.
 The gardens are surrounded by high wooden fences,fences we arrected ourselves lifting every panel, and post.Digging the deep holes, mixing up concrete to bed the posts in with the proper tools needed for the job in hand too. It was 17 years ago that I moved into the house,and at that time vandels would often smash our fence panels in. So I designed an anti-social fencing all around the  the tiny gardens. It is so hard and strong ,that the fellow of the Friday night binge drinking near broke his arm trying hard to smash his elbow into what he thought to be a thin flimsy fence panel. So pissed off with feeling the fool with his friends looking on. He then decided to kick the fence and near broke all his toes. From an upstairs window,I watched him limp away up the little court with his mates. Needless to say really none ever tried to smash any part of it again.


Bella,is peeping through the gate,as little Keats looks on with her one good eye,the other having been removed when she was a young pup.


Old George keeps an eye on the front garden

In the next Part ; Beyond this Garden Gate?
The Secret Garden

  It is here from the outside that the garden gate swings open with a welcome smile,so please come on in. A fresh shower has just passed over,this part of our garden. This is our tiny evergreen  garden.  Tiny true,but remember that up is free?

The spikey Yukka,one of two stands guard just inside the gate. "Watch your eyes," I am always telling my Mrs B," You only get one set of eyes in this life you know?" The wet pathway runs its little course around the Lion Feature now covered almost over by Ivy and spiders webs. Beneath a little pool well fit for our resident frogs rests silent still and overgrown. Later I`ll get new pictures of this feature that has a large ivy clad Pergalor over its head. The brick`s that line the pathway were those we collected from the Wood that flanks our garden on two sides. Dumped and scattered far and wide each one fetched home in our overworked metal barrow, with its wobble of a soft front flat wheel.

 Here we have large concrete balls home made mixed and cast up into plastic beach type balls! I made a few of mixed sizes using smaller playfull balls too. There to the right the  Oak beams reach up supporting the  Pergalor, which   one hot summer Mrs B,and I had made up ourselves with many a cheerful smile and wicked laugh. 12 foot Posts & Bolts of iron too. A Gothic design well fit to mask a plain upright house wall with no feature except that of flaking old white paint. 17 years before It truly had been such a sad unused empty space. The plain stark wall of the house,void of any window, and a triangle piece of ground with an old shed leaning well tired and worn out,as if it had been in some odd race,and had stopped to catch its second wind,but had given up, and had then lost all hope of that prize so simply flopped against an old fence panel for support.

The paving slabs were all spotted oddly throughout all the outside spaces not really fit to be described as any sort of gardens at all,but they were all lifted stacked to one side and when design had been drawn and actions put into play,they the heavy concrete slabs were laid in place where they still are. Tiny evergreen Ferns,and Palms,and Grasses and cuttings from here and there were planted .Now they are over all reaching their spot  allotted to them,and I suppose that I dare say this my favourite evergreen part,is truly a finished garden. For you who are starting out upon creating a garden think and buy small plants,but think and Big,and let them all grow at  natures pace. 

The strong gate now swings closed ,and is bolted with three steel bolts, but there is much more to see in our Fiddle Wood property,because the garden winds its way as if an old river bed.

Our garden seat made from offcuts from Oak fence Posts,and house bricks.

This lady stands just within the limits of this garden ,and she is framed well when viewed from the next little garden, by another Gothic style Arbour of solid Oak. Coloured baked in the oven glass has been slotted into place high above heads as they pass through upon their sight seeing trip

The next  garden will be shown at a much later date because the Summer Bedding is now being put into play. Mrs B`s green fingers,and not mine.  See Ya Later. BB
This is part of our pond,and if you look closely you will see Fred & MayBell. BB

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Flying Circus for HoneyWell _________ by Beano Boy

I bought just one box of these  Revell  plastic model kits,a few weeks ago and upon opening the box I realised  it to be closer to the HO OO scale of my HoneyWell  Layout. With its planed Town & Railway,plus waterways and Canal ,I thought why not a small airfield  for a Flying Circus? So after pondering upon the question for a few days. Yip! It was still worth putting into play what was at that time and still is in my imagination. So I bought two of each of what can be seen here . One for constructing and painting, and one still boxed up in my ever growing Model  Collection.

I must admit that i have not constructed aircraft kits since the early 1960`s . So the Wheel of Time and for Seizing Opportunity has once more sort of turned  full circle again for me a son of the poor widow.


These are quite the cheapest kits on the market to buy,and at half the price of AIRFIX  Kits it made sense to buy two while there was the bright opportunity to buy them.

Above another two that was on my short list.   The Collection is growing ,as is the Flying Circus. What I need now is some ground grew to help wind them all up.

I have just bought the kit above because I wish to use parts from it in a conversion.

 I bought this kit above for the simple reason that it has different Decals than the others I bought.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

La Belle Alliance 6mm by Beano Boy

                     This was something very different indeed for me.It being 6mm whereas I usually paint 1" scale or 1/72 scale figures. However I bought and painted this the best I could for the Project BFFF  on Benno`s Figures Forum and 6mm scale was required, and so it was. The figures are Strelets French Infantry in Advance and one of these figures along with this small model building has already been sent upon its way in The Royal Mail. Yes, and the price of postage went up this week too.

First I applied three Washes all over with Black Emulsion Paint.

 Then i dry brushed it several times with an almost dry brush to bring out the detail of the bricks and roofing tiles
This picture of the Belle Alliance was bought by the Prince Regent in 1815,and is in the Royal Waterloo Trust Collection,and it shows rendered walls , with the name of the place painted on in two places,which is most correct indeed,but 6mm is way to small for little i to see to paint such a wonder as that.            BB

Timpo Lawman

First of all,as I listen to the Country & Western Music on my PC,I must of course set the theme of this Tall Tale of the Wild West by introducing  these my Timpo Toy Characters. So here we meet Side Winder Jack Bodean. Lawman New Mexico 1887.Years before as the story goes as a young toy Jack was captured and raised by Timpo Comanche Indians.They the Comanche taught him many things,and later he earned the name of Mean Hombre with pets that bite, from the Playmobil Apachies. Who were sworn enemies  of nearly all the Indian Tribes. Later after many adventures he,that is Jack Bodean left the Indian way of playing and became some what of a Tuff Tumbleweed,who blew  into town from nowhere special and in true Dandy & Beano fasion had a fight with the local Sheriff & knocked him clear into next week. Not only that,but he took the Job as Sheriff of Clearwater.

The dusty Southbound Stagecoach heading for Daisy Town,was held up by Timpo Outlaws ,and the money stolen along with all the Junk Mail from where ever. Jack Bodean headed out with his two Deputy`s.
 One being,Jimmy Two Toes a Half-breed. His Father being a Timpo Cowboy and his Mother a Playmobil Cheyenne Indian girl. He lost three toes from his left foot when over cleaning his sawn off shotgun,and so the name Jimmy Two Toes.  His real name, Jimmy No Name his Mother gave him,because she didn`t catch his Dads name in their brief encounter. Well you know what it`s like,Toys got muddled up overnight in one cardboard box and things just happened.
The other Deputy known as the Apple Puff Kid, because he just loved to eat Apple Turnovers, cakes with fresh Cream inside  them. He even had his own Cow that was feed the best grass ever,and so gave nothing but the richest Cream!So the Puff Pastry and Apples were always on the Cook in his place which of course was the only Bakery in Clearwater. The thing about him most that people noticed  was his ability to bump into  and fall over things in  plain sight,but there we do have it the Apple Puff Kid was very,and I mean very short sighted indeed. However he is a darn good man to have in a gunfight as long as you point him in the right direction and stand well behind him when the shooting starts.
 Sheriff Bodean also took along his Special Trained Sniffer Snakes three,Sidewinders with  Well Good Rattles and with such a Fearsome  Bite!
" MMMMMMMMM! Just a little bit of gristle left in the eye socket ! " 
After seeing and passing by many sights common with the playful condition the toys find themselves in they finally catch up with the Outlaw Gang. Well you knew they would.  
Now it is well known that Timpo Outlaws are not violent  like, say Crescent Mexican Bandits,and they always say please and thank you when robbing other toys . Very true they do have guns,but they are the worst shots ever and so no other toy figures are harmed in any way. The only exception to the rule is if some over playful child chews their head off.  
 Let us pick up on the story.
They are all well placed, and the Sniffer Sidewinders are quite eager to get into the action 
The intrepid tumble weed Sheriff good old Sidewinder Jack Bodean shouts out! 
" Give it up boys,And throw down those shootin irons, And step aside from that Wells Fargo Box!"
The Outlaw leader near the strongbox  shouts back," Who`s out there?" This is dangerous Black Pepper Neddy Chillopeno. Always mad with a bad attitude due to him having  constant toothache!"
"Is that you Ned ? "_____ " Who wants Ta Know?"______ "This is Sheriff Bodean and five Deputy`s. So Ned you best give up. Throw them guns down  and step aside from that  Strongbox!" _________ " Are you kidding Sheriff. It`s rather attached to my base as indeed I am."__________ " Well that might be Ned,but best you give up or were coming in shooting!"_________ " Theres seven of us Bodean,And you ant` got no five Deputys with Ya." _____________"Best you believe me Ned or we come a blasting!"________ " Ya Bodean ,at best you you`ve got that Jimmy Two Toes and that dippy short sighted  Apple Puff Kid with Ya. Who couldn`t hit the side of a Barn even if it was in G Scale."
Above are the Baker Boys.  Twins in an odd sort of way. They being born at the same time , but by different Mothers. Their Father being a keen man of faith a Morman with three wives.  He cried real Timpo Tears when the boys were born at the same time and in the same room. Later he would cry worse Timpo Tears when the two boys turned bad,and stole all his money and his two prize wining horses that had been breed from the finest plastic Playmobil stock. Greys they were and very fast. The two boys disappeared into a cload of rustled dust. The last words their Father heard from them was," Yippy! We`re Free!" These two went from bad to worse and prefured back shooting rather than a close stand up front fight. They also had a wide yellow streak running down their backs. The worst  Timpo Rejects that somehow had got past  Quality Control.
This is Dizzy cross- eyed Mike Smith in front and his long term partner Marrion Bad Boy Crisp is behind him. These two bright sparks hoped to get Wed, so headed for Canada from New York City where they had been informed Gay  Marriages were legal in Canada. So they stole two Mules that didn`t know the way, and instead of it getting colder and icy cold it actually became warmer .Then Blisteringly  Hot! After five years and eight   months on the trail they ended up in New Mexico Bare Foot and Mule-less, them being Ate by these two along with their Boots! They went futher bad by pretending to be Shoe-Shine Boys. Whereby they stole the local Sheriff and his Deputys Boots along with their horses. Who incidently did know the way to Canda,but failed to mention it. Eventually they became Gun Slingers and finally Timpo Outlaws,and joined up in Neddys Hole in The Floor Gang. _______________"Hey wait a minute an`t that Sheriff Bodean from Clearwater?"_______" Yip! the others all answered. Dizzy cross eyed Mike looked at his Partner and they both said at the same time, "That Tumbleweed of a Sheriff is Dangerous."____________" You best sight your eyeballs down your nose,then when this Ruckus starts you might well hit something. And! For Heavens Sake, Let go of Bad Boys hand."____ "OK! Ned!"
The last two guys in this Timpo Gang of Outlaws are to the left in the picture. They are Lee Bachmann in front with Henry Hornby in back of him. These two were once big in the Model Railway business, but because of cheap Chinese workers and goods coming in on the Disney,  Woody Train Set they could not compete with the other Railroad so went Bust! So by doing what Fat Cat Business Men do,they grabed what Company assets there were and sold them off quick.
Then they robbed the Companys Payroll. However the large canvas bag bulging with money was not all what it seemed,because when opened it was full of Company I O U`s. The deed was done however so they became full time plastic style Outlaws. Funny really is the well known fact today that the money was indeed stolen by another Big Wig in the Company who believed  in cutting corners and who fled to somewhere in England.
"Lee, Lee ain`t that the fellow with the Snakes?"_______ " Henry that's right. Mean bunch of Sidewinders at no mistake."_________ " Lee I heard tell of a fellow who got bit by them very same snakes in Daisy Town,"_______ No Henry  that's just hearsay." _______ "But Lee I`ve seen that dusty old grave,and the Marker reads, ` This is the grave of a no named git who up and died when he got Bit.` Now Neddy on song,rings out a gruff defient  Rebel Yell! " Come on Men! Show some Backbone will Ya?"________ " Oh. Ok Ned,but those Things are Special Trained Ya Know? Downloaded & Taught from  ,WWW,How to Do It, Comanche War Path Tutorials.Com"
Within this little scene with itchy fingers on hair triggers, the Tension is Mounting!
The well known voice of the Sheriff of Clearwater Jack Bodean, sounds out. " Ned why on earth are you still wearing that Silly Neckerchief over your face? The Holdup is long over,and we all know what  you look like"___________ One thing is dead certain ,Hot Tempered ,Black Pepper Neddy  Chillopeno, didn`t like being on the Butt End of  some Amusing Joke! ______________________
 " Well it`s because of your friend that Sadist! Doc Holiday. He pulled out all my Teeth ,and I can still feel where his knees cut into my chest .Placed there he said ,Ta give him  more Leverage, and Ta stop Me Flying Off the Chair. And Doc`s advice after pieces of my teeth were all over the floor,was for me to keep my Mouth Shut Tight or Cover It.  On account he said, if  Fatique  sets into my Timpo Plastic, it could well be the cause of my Whole Complete Head Falling Off!"_________  Jimmy Two Toes could contain himself no longer and realising Doc was pulling Neddy`s leg as well as his teeth.Well he burst out in quite a forceful laughter! This was followed by Bodean and the Kid,who near broke his ribs from laughing. Such was the continuing laughter that the Kids Rifle went off with such a Resounding High Calibre Ka- Pow!This is followed by a great deal of noisy gun fire, all dead eye misses in every direction as everyone opens up with Timpo Lead!
  After a short while of such giggling noisey fun,the welcome silence seems like music to little plastic ears.The time is nearing though for deciding just what to do? It is the Playmobil Rattle Snakes  who have their hissing say about the answer to this question on everyones mind. " Send us in Jack,Send us in, We aint bit anyone since that mad Mex came at you with that left handled beer-mug in Daisy Town!" The Sheriff agreed, "No sense getting the boys shot up when I can send you egger guys in."

 "I`ll give e`m one last chance to throw in the towel. "Neddy Chillopeno! Best you give up.Or I`ll send the Sniffers in."
 "Yes,Yes Jack.Send us in. ( Hiss Lingo! ) We`ll soon finish this lot off real quick." _________
"Bodean if we give up ,how long in Jail for us this time?"___________
"O,I`d say at least a year and a day Ned. "__________
  "How long off for good behaviour?"__________
" O, I`d say a year off Ned." Now Ned still nursing   his painful tooth-less jaws is still thinking it over,when Dizzy cross eyed Mike Smith shouts out, " Do Ya, still feed your prisoners with those Tripple  Bufalo  Burgers ,Bodean ?" _________"Sure do,and with plenty of fried onion and magic mushrooms and plenty of chips too!" _________
Marrion Bad Boy shouts out. " Can I have mine with Sprinkles?" ________
 " Shure, why Not? "
( Now it must be mentioned that eating magic mushrooms tend to make one a wee bit cross eyed but still able to see rather large peaceful, blurred floppy eared,Pink Bunnies bouncing around,but as far as Dizzy Cross Eyed Mike Smith is concerned it is the only time when he is not. Not What? Cross-Eyed! And the large Pink Bunnies he see`s are strangely not at all blurred! )
All the Outlaws agree.  " Ok! We give up," says Ned,"But put them Sidewinders in a bag will ya?" ____"OK!" Needless to say really,those Sniffer`s are really Well Hissed Off,as they are bagged away safe.
So another successful Toy Hunt for the Timpo Lawman is chalked up." Come on guys lets get Beano Boy to put together the Playmobil Jail House." he says, as the last Hissed Off Sidewinder is bagged away.

Timpo Outlaws are always willing to serve at least  one day in jail,because when let out for good behaviour it gives them plenty of time to have a few cool drinks in the Shortbranch Saloon,and mess around with the dance hall girls,before heading out to hold up the next Britains ,Toy Stage Coach heading West from Clearwater. As the Tumbleweed rolls upon a Dusty Breeze,this playful time comes to its END
 _______________ BB____________