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Just Guns presented by Beano Boy


                           LUCKY JACK`S  SHIP    from THE MOVIE                                                                  
                       MASTER AND COMMANDER THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD                              

I have long ago sought to buy Ships Guns in order to build a firing platform for them,and perhaps even  host up my own Jolly Roger. Within the realms of story telling that is,for i have no great wish to swing within a rusty metal frame until my bones drop into the waters below.   Yuck!                                                                                                                                      

So i thought to show you these 32mm Ships Cannon which i have just ordered from e bay. I hope some of you guys might like them. Of course the carriage's need to be trimmed after the wheels have been fixed in place,and they will need dressing up in the style of those days,and brackets fixed to hold the cannon in place. I ordered 2 Lots of 4,so that`s 8 shinny machined  Guns,and i will review them here upon their arrival. One can order the actual cannon in large lots if one wishes to make their own gun carriages.This order is to sample the sweets so to speak before committing myself to buying more.                                                                                                                                                          

Of course guys these pictures i half inched from e bay.____ Yes,that`s right PINCHED! To have done otherwise would have meant you fellows would be reading and staring your eyeballs out looking into the blank spaces between each stanza as it stops at each tiny little dot.

If you are indeed interested in looking in the shop on Line,go to your e bay site,and type in the following.

4 historical  cannons on the carriage for ships

 Seller information is 9806pavel,but i could not get the shop until i myself typed in that which i have suggested. Of course i went onto my purchase history so i had that link to the Seller,but a young fellow living in New Zealand notified me today he could not find them on e bay. I also steered him into the right direction to set a course by. Hopefully he will find no more rough sea`s ahead

So there we have it,and i`m sure even my mad rush of a typing finger has made sense of it all.
Until next time i take my spot of leave ashore. Now wheres the Admiral Benbow Inn? BB


A Good Stash of Guns

The 8 Ships Guns arrived today 18/01/2016

Fixed one up,but they are difficult to handle  during assembly,so i`m going to make a tiny JIG! This will hold the pieces together while i glue up.I will use these 32mm cannon as 18 pd rs. So i need another 6 of these to reach my target.                                                                                                              
I have now ordered 20 X 54mm  Guns and these are the largest size i could obtain. So these will be used as the main armament's of 32 pd rs.To save money i will make all the carriages  myself.

Although i have based my plans on the Frigate HMS SURPRISE i did so mainly on her armament.She was a 24 x 32 Pounder Long Gun Frigate,but research revealed that She also had 
14 x 18 Pounder Guns and 4 x 4 Pounders which were Pursuit Guns placed in two`s Fore and Aft. She also  had a few Swivel Guns.                                                                                                                     
( So i need another 14 Guns.)


More research revealed that in 1794 She was a French Class Corvette named UNITE,with 24 x 8 Pounder ,and 8 x 4 Pounder Long Guns. UNITE was captured by HMS INCONSTANT,without damage ,or a shot being fired. She was renamed HMS SURPRISE.     Why that name? HMS INCONSTANT,sailed into  a French held Port and boarded her. Taken by complete surprise both Ships were able to put to sea again.   The Prize Money made her Captain and all other Officers and crew-members quite rich.                                                                                                                                             
She was refitted back in England, but the Admiralty messed around with her sail configuration moving  masts around,and in effect made the ship very top heavy in sail. So much so that lots of extra ballast was added to counter this.Then messing about further  still they again ordered a refit in masts again. In dry dock coppor sheets were nailed onto her hull below the water line which eventually made her a very fast Frigate,and sea worms had not taken a shine to it.

Her refit in Guns was argued about for some considerable time and the Captain finally got what he wanted. Which were 24 x 32 Pounder Cannonade's.   On her upper decks 14 x 18 Pounder Long Guns,and   4 x 4 Pounder Pursuit Guns.                                                                                                              
I have been collecting parts to store on a top shelf,which will now include these Guns too. The old saying ,"You buy the Horse and then the Cart." made sense enough to collect lots of stuff before starting any scratch build ship-wise  that is. So Guns will be assembled and painted black and stored on the top shelf. Tons of stuff yet to collect before starting work.                                                                                                           

The Guns arrived and i quickly set one up ,but i need to make some kind of jig which will help me  build the remaining ones quick smart and correct,and without parts moving out of place while gluing up each piece.        This is just a sketch,an illustration showing the gun on the mock up deck,and should no be viewed as if it were the finished design and planned scratch build.                                                                                                                                           

The wheels need sanding down,and the block needs placing under the end of this cannon.

Pully points and cannon ball racks have been inked to show how they will be placed on each side of this 18 Pounder Long Gun.                                                                                                                                             

                                         The Brass cannon a hefty piece for pounding.    

A couple of damaged figures help set the size. 

Thanks for cutting across my Bow to have a look. BB


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