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Lucky Luke a True Story of Misadventure Presented by Beano Boy

 I realise that the modern set is easy to obtain on Amazon and elsewhere,and perhaps one bright day when the sun is shinning i might well find myself buying it. Now it must be said, that i having a well worn head of sentimentality for the past where toy figures are concerned, means i just love the old stuff best. It is called,Nostalgia,which comes from the Greek compound for meaning Homecoming.I therefore collect many a Toy,and the thing i often think of is that some child of 50 or more years ago fingered and thumbed these little toy figures,and to me it is like holding history in my hands. It`s an odd inherent feeling of succession.

                                        Lucky Luke,faster on the draw than his own shadow.

I spotted and won those above at Auction,and they went for a Song!Well i thought so. As for the opinions of others i cannot comment upon. You see i am no Seller out to make a fast Buck! I buy because it gives me great pleasure to obtain things for my Special Collection of Toy Figures.So a very fair price i paid,and the Seller in Portugal was very pleased with it. The pleasant lady concerned sent me a very nice E-Mail.They were sold as used,but are in very good condition. The figures are from the Yesteryear of 1973,and are based on the Characters in the 1971 Daisy Town cartoon movie. I was,and still am very pleased with them and they are in my DARGAUD  Collection to this day. One day i might well paint them,and that will be a most relaxing time of fun in doing so,but writing and scratch building and the odd moment posting here has meant time just fly`s by.  I need Uncle Ned`s TIME MACHINE!                                                                                                                                 


 However there was the  Sleeping Mexican missing .
So a another Quest to find him was soon under way.

Soon i managed to buy this complete set,and even though made up from differing colored DAGAUD,plastic Bubble Gum Figures,it is a very fine set indeed. If you look above in the picture the Indian Chief is Yellow,but of course this is no slight upon him at all. It is because of him my first Lucky Luke Story was Penned.  It happenes to be true. 
 "Gee! Sit down fellows. It`s Starting."
 "i love it."                                           

The First Adventure

Lucky Luke a True Story of Misadventure

Clip, Clop, Clippery, Clop!

Lucky Luke arrived well on time upon my table,but the Indian Brave has very sad news to tell him.

The Indian Chief lay all chewed up." Now that is quite a shame." Luke,said as he finally arrived upon the scene. As he saluted a brave warrior the Officer with tears in his eyes and an arrow through but still in  his hat,was stunned and even though his plastic chin was quivering,he was lost for words.The Indians although choked up with grief agreed with each other,that it was best it was him then anyone of them. The word went out upon fresh smoke signals which read, "BB,please can you try and find us another Chief to replace Yellow Hand?" Of course the reply was a resounding yes.

More and more western style figures arrived and they all thought, "Gulp! Gulp! That could have easily been me."

"My, O,My!" The elderly Gent said as he lifted his hat off in meaningful respect.
The Undertaker raised his hat a finger tip off his head and smirked a thin wicked smile. No sooner had he arrived in the collection on that very first day, and his business was up a running. His Pet Vulture elite and dangerous was beginning to get excited at the prospect of grabbing a wicked beak full of the yellow remains. It smelt very tasty to him. His taste buds were well watering his tounge.

The Daltons sashayed upon the table top,and as their shinny spurs sounded out their familiar ring.They lined up in aggressive mood." Does this mean our daily gunfight is postponed Lucky Luke?" The tiny gritty one oddly sounded out in the voice of,James Cagney! They all stood there grinding their plastic teeth. The red Mexican just snored his way through his endless sleep.                                                                                                                                 

                                            Lucky Luke on the right and his Deputy

"Yip! I guess it does." Luke ,replied in the distint voice of Gary Cooper!
"You aint turned Yellow have Ya Luke?" the  Daltons  bleated out. _______" Nope!"____
 "OK." They all replied,and really it seemed a sort of reprieve to them all, because they always lose out big time in their daily shoot out with Lucky Luke. So that day,today for them will not be one with them ending up in jail after all.


"That`s Lucky because the Playmobil Jailhouse is still in the Grand Children`s Toy Box,where it lay in pieces."

                           "Yes it`s sure a shame!"____" Yes indeed."____" Very Sad."                                          

All agreed except three,that it was such a sad tragic fate for the noble Indian Chief Yellow Hand to meet his awful fate. The sleeping Mexican continued snoring and whistling while still upon his own adventures in Dreamland. Zzzzzzzzz! He had fought at the ALAMO,but was never awake long enough to tell anyone about it.

The Undertaker and his Vulture elite,are of course two which felt no sorrow.
So we now need a third do we not?

Meet Bella,our Bella, is the third one not feeling sorry. She being the chief culprit in this whole affair.Her whole look with that twinkle in her eye is one of, "Butter will not melt in my Mouth" Yes folks a complete lovable face of innocence! Yip, it was Bella our little Musky,that chewed up the Indian Chief Yellow Hand.

                 Watching on Mr`s B,and i, were amazed at the share speed of the process,as a battle field                    casualty conversion  appeared in seconds.  Go on laugh.

Was i angry? No i was not. Anything that ends up on our floor falls pray of our Pet,our little friend Bella. I cannot say,"i was pleased," But it was my fault entirely,because as i opened  up the package that the tiny Button of a Mail Lady had delivered, it had dropped to the stone floor. Bella,was upon it in a quick smart reaction time. NASH! NASH! NASH! Such was the terrifying end for Yellowhand. It must be said that he tried to put up a brave fight,but plastic against white nashers, no chance.

                  I soon found these figures above,and one being the new Indian Chief Red Shirt.
                                               So all`s well that ends well.

                                                                       THE END

 !Gee, That was Good. But don`t leave just yet. Stay a short while longer"  

                                                   These are rarer then Hens Teeth

For a friend i acquired this full set,in Mint Condition. No money changed hands. It was a good trade where i received two Special FIGZ T Shirts,and he received his full set of Lucky Luke Figures.I could actually be the only one in the United Kingdom to have two such special items.

The Pleasant Good Bye

                          "That`s all for now folks." The elderly Gentleman said while raising his hat.



  1. Oh boy, these look promising!!! :D I´ll be back ;) Cheers!

    1. RMacedo,nice of you to drop in. Thank you for commenting.Like all olden day items,these little vintage Bubble Gum Figures are very hard to find.I would like to build part of Daisy Town,when time allows. BB

  2. As a friend I can say these are fine looking figures, and I am for sure they will look awesome with some paint over there yellow bodies ....
    Thanks again, I am a happy guy!!!
    Ohw and cool story you have told here again!

    Greetings and have fun with our hobby!!!

  3. Remco,a big THUMBS UP FOR FIGZ 2016 Buddy! BB