Saturday, 2 January 2016

Mr Glad Grinds Foundry: Part 2_______ A 15mm Scratch Build by Beano Boy

Cor! I finally got to grips with doing some work again on this project.
Well the building has been dry brushed,and the windows have been installed too. A little bit of rendering and wear and tear colour added later will do the trick of bringing a bit of realism  to the front section of this small foundry. I must work on making a Sign too. Looking down upon it i`m very pleased with todays work.

What! Somebody`s dumped a load of coal upon the office roof. Believe me someones going ta pay big time for this.

Have no fear it`s just little old me,making a mess of the roof in order to improve it a little.I remember my extension on my old city house had a flat top. and the ashfelt had granite chippings scattered on the top of it. So i glued in place a sort of colour round the edge of this office extension ,and then applied glue and dumped six ton of coal on top,which is a bit different than those 100`s and thousands of sweet icing colors that i sprinkled on our fruit trifle,with a topping of thick fresh cream.

Well that`s better,and the small chimney has been planted on a good grounding of PVA Glue.The coal ho oo scale was given a slight dry brush, and the edge of that roof looks oddly like the one on my old terraced house in Norwich. A house a mere whisper away,but a 25 minute walk from where i sit typing out this.

My homemade glass a was complete success and one that will not show scratches like the off the peg type does,when photo shooting. Photo Shooting,a wonderful occupation i find myself doing now every long day,but i love doing stuff,for stuff like this.

Both furnaces are finished,and as way of illustration only,the blue ink mark upon 22,is roughly showing the size and just where the Ladle or Shank,is to be placed in order for the little 15mm guy to tap out that white hot iron into them. The picture shows reinforcement band and the two spouts front and back fitted. The front one for metal,and the back one for slag. Slag: Dirty glass like, Hot and slowly  ossing out like Lava. Both will of course be painted,and there is an extention to be added later to the top of each furnace,

This top will be removable in order to remove the entire back roof of  Glad Grinds Foundry. The top of this picture shows what i am aiming for.

These are the new scribed out pieces of double sided paper card,both have a large open doorway. The nearer one shows the front scribing,and the other one is showing what the back end outside wall looks like. Both will be scribed out on the inside walls too. More happy playful fun at work for my hard pressed little pen.

Here we can see the rim that will help guide and in a big way will support the massive roof of the foundry.

The two entire foundry walls have been designed with this cut down in the card,which was measured out the same as the front, and then a straight length was simply cut off the bottom and the card moved down to achieve an end without a lot of fuss or bother.                                                                                           

So guys,this will butt up against the slightly smaller section as seen in the picture below.

Now if that is the case it butts onto the back of the frontage above,"Why scribe it out in detail all the way across?" That`s a very good question. Gosh! You guys are real smart. Well i need to take this apart in order to have it sit on my shelving units Mr`s B,and i, installed just over a year ago in the Honey Well Room.

So i intend to deck this out as a front to another industrial  building , with a brand new sign.A new sign for a new yarn!

After painting these sections work will begin on the side walls which will include breeze block and brick work details to the design along with more windows and side doors to each shop floor.

                                                           Making The Girders

The scratch build now moves into the designing stage of angled edged girders,of which i have made a sample. ( Feeling out the method of work.) Even though i am now using a very different thin paper card the iron girders produced are very strong,and easy to do. One strip cut out and  another strip is stuck onto each edge.
  I have decided to make another two up,but turn the top girder so the iron channel created can then take the wheels of the overhead crane which will then run the entire length of the shop floor. The size of this seconded section will be 15 X 12 inches. Which will fit nicely onto a shelf.

  Girders will be put into place on each inner end walls too,these will support the entire roof sections.

One side of each of the end walls have been painted ,and the crudity of scribing free hand gives that rough and ready emotive style  of modelling i want.                                                                                                                  

                 I`ll paint the other sides tomorrow,and then get cracking on making the side walls.



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    1. That`s a nice friendly comment Phil,and although nothing i do is aimed at perfect,it`s good to have feed back from you and the other guys.It makes it worthwhile getting the troublesome glue stuck to ones hands, and in turn tiny bits of irritating paper sticking sound enough in turn to set hard between each finger.My awkwardness is never worrisome and a delicate sensitive wash using washing up liquid and a spoonful of sugar cleans my mitt`s up a real treat. It goes from rough course in the rubbing of it into a smooth cream that even cleans the paint off. However no telling Mrs B,or i`ll be doing the washing up for all time. Just a great little oxymoron of a finger cleaning tip. BB