Thursday, 7 January 2016

The 1988 Dargaud, Metal Asterix & Obelix, Complete Figure Collections. _________Presented by Beano Boy

I spent a little over £200.00 on the 142 Dargaud  metal range of Asterix Figures. 
So i have more than one set. That complete Collection is now worth a staggering £2,414,00   
 ( Two Thousand, four Hundred and Fourteen Pounds Sterling! )

                                       I have decided to show these rare collections here,
                                        and all my figures are unpainted. So if you have interest
                                      please watch out,for updates to be placed here soon. BB


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is Phil. Not that i would sell,but for insurance purposes one should always check things out in case of theft or fire damage or whatever. No good claiming and then realise Opp`s! I was under insured. BB

  2. One of the best sets ever made, nice post Paul.

    1. Thank you Remco,for popping in. You are most welcome here any time. BB