Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Spray Booth & Lazy Susan by Beano Boy

It must be said that one can buy a Lazy Susan  on Line,and they are used mainly for cake displays,and i guess one could present a modelled scene upon them,but they are cheap and of course made of plastic. So no good at all for my own special needs,because i wanted a good cheap Spraying Booth with a sturdy heavy duty ,`Lazy Susan`. installed within it it. A couple of months ago i replaced the old paper card that was fixed to the wall surrounding my photo shoot table. Well after two years or so i figured it needed replacing. So rather than waste it ,i used it to make some  small model buildings ,and also I used it on part of my ongoing Foundry build. The leftovers i used to make the Spraying Booth and the Lazy Susan presented here. I designed it to have Fin`s underneath to aid the movement,and made those rather large because if paint is sticky upon them i did not want to use my fingers to move it around. So the wide fins were designed so a simple paint brush handle can easily move it around to the next position needed. So i have completed the scratch build ,and today the final thing to do was drill it out to except the spindle. Because i want to use a combination of Wood Dyes & Acrylic Paints i needed something that would not melt,so a cheap plastic one would never do.  I could have made one out of wood,but i soon realised i could use what i had and save lots of money by doing it. A little wax upon the wooden spindle and it spins like a Whirligig outside in the wind. Magic!                                                                                                                                           
Here are a few photo`s

A heavy solid three and a half inch base was made simply by sticking paper layers together.

A Half Joint cut into both the top section card and the large left over sheet allows for the Booth construction and a few heavy books nicely tuck the edges in for now.

                                                  Ease of movement every time.

                                                         The Carousel Turns

                                                        Sorry no Fair Ground Music!

                               This is much better than the old cardboard boxes i usually use.

Made of recycled paper card and glue. The cost Nothing.It was money well spent for other purposes long ago.  So Guys this is my Spray Booth & Lazy Susan.BB

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