Saturday, 23 January 2016

New Sci-Fi Fantasy Arrivals: Daleks _______ by Beano Boy

Although not into War-Gaming i am however interested in the guys who are,because of the great figures and table top dioramas they play on. Since setting up this Blog, i have visited many a War-Gaming Site,and i enjoy reading good battle reports.So although not into the gaming side of the hobby i do like collecting and painting on occasions model figures,and i am one to build up armies rather than paint one or two figures. Massed Formations.                                                                    
Many years i spent painting Napoleonics up without a day off. Now it is time to increase my massed formations of Daleks. True a few helping Fred and Maybell have been seen doing odd chore's  about the place,but an opportunity to buy more came my way and so                                                             
                                                         New Arrivals are Coming.                                                                    

                                          10 Mini Pack`s arrived all safe and sound                                      
                            from the BBC!   No Broken Ones                                   
This will bring the invasion Daleks .     
up to 600 Combat Ready  Pepper Pots!

Hard to find at a reasonable price i  ,but I have.
 i`ll be able to show how easy they are to paint too.

(he,he,he, painting a few Zulus too,in another Topic.)
                                       If any Daleks arrive slightly damaged it  will give me the                                       bright opportunity  to convert them into Special Daleks!

                                       What Fred ,will think about this is anyone`s guess.                                           
                                       So this will be a Work in Progress.

                                         Just to give you a taste of what`s coming.

 As French Napoleonic Cavalry charge upon the larger table a tray full of Alien Pepper Pot`s  can be nicely viewed ,along with  a few stragglers.

                                                                  The Invasion Is On

As the French Heavy  Cavalry try to smash my British Square in the background another tray arrives.They are quite tussled about due to lack of space.


  1. Hi Beano!! Got some scifi minis on the way too, NorthStar has a nice bargain going on :) Good to know you have another project - and that the Zulus are on the move ;) Cheers!

    1. Hi RMacedo,there`s a North Star,Brown Lucky Bag buy,i guess you didn`t take a risk like that? Thanks for the Visit. BB

  2. Wow! That's a lot of Daleks, I like the fact you have no problems with epic projects. I can be overwhelmed with a project before I even start!

    1. Hi Russ,i like the Panoramic View of Massed Formations,be it Daleks.Medieval,or Napoleonic`s. Keep Viewing it is about to turn Epic! BB

  3. I have some of these painted and unpainted hanging around here....somewhere?

    1. Hi Francis,Daleks,they do tend to play Hide and Seek. A bit like Mice. Greetings from a rather wet and windy Fiddle Wood.BB