Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Super Monster Cyclops Presented by Beano Boy

At 11 cm high he`s quite a high, eye figure produced by YOLANDA 1992. I must admit although the other figures in this range are available i have little interest in them. They are Frankenstein`s Monster,Swamp Thing,Dr Jekcyle,and Werewolf. Although i do collect toy sets,it is in the role of a fantasy project that i can see the Cyclops put to good use. So he will go onto my painting table when he arrives from France.At £2.17 and £2.93 postage he`s not a toy of high cost,but one worth having,because of the story telling possibilities. As for the higher price postage cost i always buy in bulk toy figures so the combined postage cost of £4.77 which includes insurance for another 11 vintage Asterix figures from 1973,is very good and this is the way to buy such items.

                            I think the outcome of the work might be interesting.

Thank you for catching a fresh wave on the Internet to give this little item a look.

 (Although tracked mail,the package containing many a rare figure including the Cyclops, was put into someone elses  Letter Box on the estate by a rather confused relief Mailman. He informed me of his mistake and had put a covering note through the guys Letter Box,but herein lays a problem. The guy works away from home for long periods of time. i will be claiming under undelivered mail for my money to be restored by the Royal Mail.  The parcel was tracked and insured. So i reordered the Cyclops and some other rare vintage toy figures.) BB


  1. I´m sure it will be very interesting! I for one am curious...!! :) Cheers!

    1. I do have a few scenes set in my fancy,which will hopefully look good once the figures are off the painting table. BB