Saturday, 2 January 2016

Westair Pewter: Roman Soldiers a Snippet by Beano Boy

These came in a job lot i won on E Bay,i`d bought a huge box of toy figures for £ 5.00. i thought to melt them down for scrap,but then had second thoughts. If i could clean them up perhaps i`d paint them. A sort of self challenge.                                                                                                              

                                                    So i eyed them up one at a time.

Well for me and my eyes,it was not going to be easy. But easy to do is as easy does,and where`s the bright challenge in that?

I picked out three,and soaked them in vinegar  used as a cheap acid wash.  Which i half inched,Pinched from the kitchen cupboard. 39 pence on the bottle. It cleans Rings up 2!  

The painting went well,so here below are the results of my dip,and splash endeavour.

I also painted three of these smaller ones which can be viewed in Henry`s Eight  Sided Tower ,on this Blog.

                                       Thank you for looking,it`s nice to have your company.

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  1. Cool, nice details...and great animation!

    1. Nice of you to catch another Internet Wave as it rolls in Phil,and thank you for commenting again it all helps support the marbles that are in constant spin in my quirky head of reasoning. BB