Wednesday, 10 February 2016

BB`s Toy Figures 11 ____Presented by Beano Boy

Well Part 11 is well set upon another yellow brick road page leading to toy figures. Some worth a few pennies others not so. If i take a shine to something it`s put into its own wee space.
So to begin with i headed into the direction of  Ancient Antiquity! Some of you might recall the Cyclopes i recently had a good stab at painting and in more ways than one.

                 BRITAINS & HERALD GREEK and TROJAN Toy Figures              

BRITAINS shared the same moulds with HERALD,that produced the figures below. The oval base confirms that those four below are BRITAINS and that the figures were fixed into the base after the figures had been made.                                                                                                                            


 Odysseus stabs forth with his sword. Of course names linked to catalogue numbers upon bases mean very little in the bright world of play. If one wants names than surely as a king does bestow them with one of your very own.

                                          The rest of the upright ones are the Ajax pose

          Produced from the mid 1950`s to early 1960`s period of toy shopping history.

      Other toy figures from the set have arrived,and others will be arriving in the Mail soon. i`ll post pictures here as they settle in as part of the Collection.
Being between 50 and 60 years old they price in very expensive indeed,but when i consider that i was only 7 years of age when they hit the cold cruel market place of 1956,they are well worth every penny that make the price tag up on each toy figure.

( I hope there will be some who might follow along and find this stuff interesting. There are 10 earlier postings that i can add a link too,to save you guys interested in toy figures time.This Blog is quite massive in postings and it takes an age to go through. So if interested in viewing them just ask,and i`ll see to it.)

Being quite the hoarder,Lots of other toys will arrive too,in that  my bank balance is well assured of.                                                                                
Here Below the Five Poses

Below only two figures are BRITAINS. 

           So the difference in the bases makes it easy to identify which Company produced them.

These i`ll repaint at some stage. First the paint will be stripped off!   The symbols on the shields are not to modern days standards,but do please remember guys these are toy figures and not models. In 1950-60`s Britain believe me you would have been wide eyed over joyed indeed to have gotten these upon a very white Christmas Day!           It always snowed i know i lived through it.

Mrs B,mentioned ," I see.Do you have an army of these coming Paul?" ___"Well not quite.Just an ancient Boat Load." i replied and thinking upon it, A  54mm Boat would be Great!

This mounted figure makes a complete set,when added to the other five poses already shown. I will straighten the bent plastic quite easily by placing it in a cup of boiling hot water. Then once the required shape has been achieved  plunging it into a bowl of cold water will avoid it bending out of shape again. An old remedy  that i have had much success with over the years. BB

                                          BRITAINS HERALD   ROMAN CHARIOT

The Chariot from 1972_____________________This is not in my Collection Yet!

                                                          Below   From 1964

The Concord Overland Coach priced then at £1.10 Shillings = £1.50 in todays Sterling. If you want to know what a complete Stage Coach is worth just remove the dot,and add it here like so £150.00!

                                            54mm  Artillery & Toy Figures for Zulus War

                I will only use the two Officer Poses above and easily convert them for Rorkes Drift

                                                               Three  Gatling Guns

The artillery and extra fire power Gatling Guns for display in other Zulu Battles after R D!

                                                         Two types of artillery shown

                                Below three extra guns for Boxer War, China.

                                                      All toys designed for war gaming

In spite of suffering P T S S,which makes my hands shake i have begun to convert and paint three Gatling Guns and some of that work can be viewed in my topic,Improving The Gatling Gun.


                       Thanks for the visit you are always most welcome here.BB    


I really lucked in  when i found these for £7.99 plus postage. BB

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Playing The Time Travelers Game by Beano Boy

On the 23 of Jan 2014 i put in place The British Square on Benno`s Figure Forum,and i recently moved the Link into place so that in part it can still be viewed. However my intention then along with other Napoleonic projects was to put in place other things that was to be a bit like spotting Wally within the picture. So each project stretching back to 2013 had stuff added that i would use in the future meaning now in order to help tell my Sci Fi Fantasy Story`s. It is therefore time to set in place Ned a Time Traveler,and so as an exercise he can be viewed within the British Square,and here he is from the 20th Century and the year 1959,and i placed him here at Waterloo 1815.

Projects take years of work painting thousands of figures so i wanted to get much more out of such work and to justify such an endeaver,very much like a double edged sword can be used in many a way.So likewise within my writings i would finally get to use my models to help relate the story`s as they indeed role out upon each page posted.

Ned can be seen near the top left side corner. 

There Ned is from the future in 20th Century Cloths.
So for many a year i have been playing The Time Travelers Game. BB

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

BB`s Blog: The Jungle Photograph by Beano Boy

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