Sunday, 7 February 2016

Playing The Time Travelers Game by Beano Boy

On the 23 of Jan 2014 i put in place The British Square on Benno`s Figure Forum,and i recently moved the Link into place so that in part it can still be viewed. However my intention then along with other Napoleonic projects was to put in place other things that was to be a bit like spotting Wally within the picture. So each project stretching back to 2013 had stuff added that i would use in the future meaning now in order to help tell my Sci Fi Fantasy Story`s. It is therefore time to set in place Ned a Time Traveler,and so as an exercise he can be viewed within the British Square,and here he is from the 20th Century and the year 1959,and i placed him here at Waterloo 1815.

Projects take years of work painting thousands of figures so i wanted to get much more out of such work and to justify such an endeaver,very much like a double edged sword can be used in many a way.So likewise within my writings i would finally get to use my models to help relate the story`s as they indeed role out upon each page posted.

Ned can be seen near the top left side corner. 

There Ned is from the future in 20th Century Cloths.
So for many a year i have been playing The Time Travelers Game. BB


  1. Imagine being Ned and being able to see the British square formed up for real! That sure is a truly impressive picture! Thanks for sharing

    1. Well that was my way of thinking Russ. To send a Time Traveler back into the past. i appreciate all your comments Russ,they in a tiny way are keeping this blog alive. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Well most certainly as sure as the turn of the Honey Well Post Mill,the French are on the move.
      Phil,after 13 years of solid painting,and with many thousands of pictures taken. i wanted in my own way to link history fact with Sci-Fi Fantasy Fiction all rolled up in a unique bundle.As always Phil your comments are much appreciated too.As are others too who want to apply a little input. BB