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Improving The Gatling Gun

It seems that the  British Militarly were somewhat baffled on how best to install the Gatling Gun when it first arrived without a gun mount so they stuck it onto the ordinary gun carriage which was a hopeless waste of manpower,because troopers still had to manhandle the heavy carriage in order for shot to fall where the gunner wanted it.

Eventually  it was mounted upon a pivot which gave it up and down and side to side movement of relative ease  for the gunner who now had a seat of sorts to sit on as he aimed the thing while hand cranking the weapon.______________Things have moved on in more modern times with electric motors doing that job.________ Of course back in the day troopers were still required to feed the thing,and were kept quite trim while dashing around fetching the heavy drums that held the bullets.

       The  Armies in Plastic Gatling Gun is the Plane Jane mounted upon the gun carriage.

The wheel that elevates the weapon needs cutting off on the gun carriage because it is way to high which means the gun is pointing to the ground rather than to any  Zulu attack to its front.

    However before cutting that wheel off,the handle needs moving outwards because it looks very odd and would hit the gun carriage if in use. Yes i realize it to be a toy but things can be done easily to improve the look of the thing.Before the handle is cut off a small well is cut into the handle where the hot pin will be pushed into it and into the actual gun too. Then the handle is cut off after removing the pin. The handle can be stuck onto a metal pin and the head will hold it in place.Then after the pin is cut to the require length it can be reinstalled into the burnt out pin hole.   Here i used dress makers pins.

          The wheel was removed,and then the rest of the plastic cut off afterwards.

To the left shows the wheel stuck back onto its carriage,and the carriage to the right shows just how high it once was.

                                                      A Second Gun is Changed

Welling out the spot  while it is still in place makes it much easier than cutting it off then trying to place a pin through it. Welling out means after cutting off the handle the hole that takes the pin is already in place.

              Painting black today as evidence upon my fingers prove.

Welling out with the tip a sharp craft knife helps guide the hot pin into place. Holding the pin by way of a pair of Pliers i heat the pins by way of the gas burner on our Cooker.As the hot pin is pushed into the plastic the hot plastic oozes out and fills up the well so no need to trim the edge at all.

This time after welling out the pin was placed at the edge of the back of the Gatling Gun which is most correct for the handle to be fixed into place. The pictures at the beginning of this topic show this to be the case. Moving the handle means those poor guys save their knuckles from hitting that box fixed in front.

The pin that forms the handle will be coated in PVA Glue and painted later along with the rest of this kit.


Yes glad you spotted it. The wheel needs cutting down to size on this one too. You can clearly see the angle of the gun pointing to the ground. So it needs putting to rights after all who wants to model shooting worms?  Worms possibly wearing little metal helmets and a smile!
                                                                 The first Gatling Gun

                            There are three in which i will be working on,plus the Gun Crew.                                 
    Hopefully i will show them all painted up in toy soldier style !            

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    1. Thank you Phil,i am best known on Benno`s Figure Forum,for my conversions,and yes i have hot pinned my figure much more than once. However passing tips on makes for more fun in the hobby,but one might get funny looks asking for Dress Makers Pins! BB

  2. Nice work Paul, saw some lovely examples at the Firepower museum at Woolich!

    1. Nice one Francis Lee,it`s always good to receive comment from across the water! BB

  3. Nice one, Beano! Now for the painted version, please... ;) Cheers!

    1. RMacedo,as soon as i recover a little from P T S D,i will try lifting the brush once more.
      Thank you kindly for commenting. BB