Wednesday, 16 March 2016

LASER CUT CUP CAKES presented by Beano Boy


Having a Wonderment of an idea in my head i thought yes this might work.

                                              50 Laser Cut Cup Cakes £3.65 Free Post

                                                      i`ll get back to you if it does BB

Besides putting cake inside each one i wonder if any of you into the hobby of making models have idea`s what they could be used for?

Well i`m still waiting for these to be delivered,but i thought i`d finally let you know my plan for a few of these.  I want to produce intricate patterns within  stone work. So i`ll make block Patterns for the shapes i require and stick the Laser Cutouts onto them. Then make a rubber mould.
Easy Peasy Work.  If the cutouts are to thin i`ll build them up to the thickness i require. I`m looking forward to the work.  Although i will not be showing the process of making rubber and the moulds i will of course show the final castings produced.   Hope to see you then,then.BB

They arrived today 23/03/2016,and are brillant,and the work of creating medieval stonework can now go forwards as planed. There are three sections that make up the pattern that i will enjoy cutting out to make my own patterns,the mould and the castings.
Figures need settings and not necessarily off the peg expensive stuff. BB


All The Work is For Sci-Fi and Medieval Fantasy

So with that question answered i started on the work to make Patterns needed to make rubber moulds. Yes i spent three hours making 11  Patterns each having five  layered pieces Supper Glued together. My thumbs and finger`s are well layered in dry Supper Glue,and i`m glad that it was not industrial strength,because if it had a been i would certainly have been stuck to one thing or another and would be now at my local Hospital getting unstuck!                                                                                                                                       
These Patterns will be stuck onto a length of plastic  that will span three half columns.The first and third one to their center points.Two thin strips of plastic will be glued in place top and bottom on this section. This will complete this ornate top strip and will make it possible to make castings that will span 10 full or half columns,or more by fixing  them this way onto the halfway points.                       
There are also two opposite ends made for the half way points for first and last column they are          important because they will bring this long top section to the edge of  each end column nicely. These will all be part of an inner wall of a castle and after the moulds are made the flat wall section can be designed and the mould made  so sections  of wall can be cast up. So the half columns and the ornate top will simply be stuck onto and in perfect spaced out place along this long wall.

The four lower ones are part of another strip and because i was dealing with angles by making four and by turning upside down the next shape eventually the four combined in this way formed a nice straight section. You can see this at the ends. To the far left and far right i made two opposite patterns that will be fixed to an upright piece of stonework perhaps the sides of some arched doorway.

I am hoping to use one of the Spiral Stone Steps i made last year. When i was constructing those  i had it in my minds eye to use them on something like this. So i kept the thought of doing so in my pocket so to speak and waited until i could make the ornate stuff cheaply. A year on since that work i can because i spent £3.45 on Laser Cut Cup Cake Wrappers!

The Columns will clean up nice later.

The figure is 1/32 Scale but i intend to use 28mm scale figures along with other sizes too.

Bought these to create even more Patterns for Stonework for my own use.

That`s it 4 now Guys. BB

This Project has been successful and is now fast nearing its end.

From lots of highly motivated mess several somethings are now appearing!

The first impressions taken from the Patterns made using very affordable Cup Cakes. 
i will be casting these up later today  with Plaster of Paris.                                                

On the other side of each mould smaller patterns that will help build 
up stone work were simply pressed into the rubber.   
Two impressions shown are for other work .                         

The moulds look A OK!.

The rubber is strong ,but supple and after casting up ,and the plaster is hard enough a slight bending to the rubber mould will allow the pieces to pop out onto Bubble Wrap.   So i`ll show you the full results a little later.  BB     

2                                        2                           
Yes,Nailed It!  Those cup cakes pieces when glued up  together resulted in what i expected  darn good patterns that produced fine moulds,and the knock on effect produced some  fine looking castings for a planned fantasy set for film and photo shoots.    Those casting are above the 2`s,and reach to another stack  toward the back.    BB                                                                                                            


  1. Great find Paul! Now let us see what you will make with it!


    1. Well Peter the Arts & Craft takes quite a while with all the sticking that is involved but the main configuration of the Patterns have been formed and these will be unique castings that`s for sure.Thank`s Peter 4 commenting here. BB