Friday, 11 March 2016

The blu tac Mould by Beano Boy

What with casting up moulds today there is always a little Plaster Of Paris over so i improvised and made a simple push in half way mould using my ball of blu tac.   So instead of throwing the stuff out i thought to create a little tragic scene,and show you the results.                                                      

The Sea Bed of Strewn Wreckage

The Bronze Cannon are massive 32 Pounder`s so i am thinking this must be remains of a Frigate that hit the reef where other ships also met their doom.   There is also a Chinese Cannon. So a large well armed Junk met the same fate as other ships that were smashed to pieces upon that wicked reef.                                                                                                                                                

             A Little Something for Nothing.______ All one needs is imagination enough to play.

                                                        The Parts i Used

                Removal using a brush handle,which was also used to stipple the base.

This type of push in mould can be used for many a scene  one being casualties upon a battle field for instance and the final outcome being unique to the hobbyist concerned.   Ideal for stretches of road ways,and brick wall sections. No skill required,but having a mind set of simplicity does help. 

                                    Above all it is great fun.  BB                                                                   


  1. Replies
    1. That`s right Phil,a nice turn out from such a cheap thing,and not even a spot of waste fell to the floor.A first for me because i am usually so clumsy. BB

  2. Great idea as always, once again thanks for sharing

  3. Great work Paul! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Very Good of you to comment Peter. Peter is also another Benno-Knight from Benno`s Figure Forum.That`s a Great Place to visit and i highly recommend it.Things are indeed looking up if o`ll friends visit here. BB

  4. Great idea and impressive execution. Will have to remember this!


  5. Hi Aaron,thanks for the comment. In this case what was made with left over stuff took 5 minutes to do. The Photo Shoot,and producing the topic took a bit longer of course,but i believe passing on tips could be helpful to others.In this case case those into painting model figures often use blue tac and so having it to hand without extra cost can as portrayed in this simple topic pay off.
    If you have it press it in is my motto! BB