Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hi Guys, this is a three part double sided mould .So five castings will come from using it thus saving time and money. A splendid thing most in the hobby like to do.

                                                                     Pattern One

                                           It was laid in the bottom of the Lego Box

                                                                    Pattern Two

                                               I especially like this pattern

                   When the bottom was filled it was pressed into the rubber up to its halfway point.

                                                                       Pattern Three

When the top half of the mould was filled in with rubber this Pattern was pressed into the top of it creating the third and final part of the mould.

                                                               All the Stuff That i Needed

 I enjoy the mixing up process greatly. It`s making a huge fun time mess that at times boarder on chaos but good things are made from it.

  The first part the bottom was complete  and here a paint  bottle top came into play forming the holes.

  Those holes are very important  because they will mould the guide pins,that will make sure the thing   goes perfectly together again and again giving good sound results every time.

The completed rubber mould that has produced five castings. The two flat wall castings,the one full column and the two half castings too. In total the cost of making the five part mould was £5.00

Here are the casting above a successful outcome again. Not perfect castings but ones that will best suit my needs later when things large small and tiny come together for the final photo and film shoot.
There are more moulds that i intend to make,and the results along with sample castings will be updated here on this topic.
Thank you for taking time out to visit and for looking here. Bye for now     BB


  1. Thanks Ray, good of you to say so my friend.Now i`m casting up more for a Sci-Fi Fantasy Setting. Why cast up one when you can cast up lots more. BB

  2. Absolutely spot on , you are a fountain of knowledge! You have given me so many ideas I just need the time to try them out!

  3. Well Russ,there are indeed many ways to create moulds most of them far to expensive,and my tutorial is by far the cheapest method that i know of as long as one buys the cheapest 100% Silicone to make the rubber.
    Having an analytical mindset means i have lots of ideas, make lots of mistakes constantly but learn from them and finaly solve the problems. Thanks for commenting Russ. BB