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The Mirbat Fort Oman by Beano Boy

                                                            The Mirbat Fort Oman
                                                            For The Hereford Lads

                        This was the Fort which nearly became their ALAMO.  
There was a British 25 Pounder Gun where those stones are       
piled up outside the Fort.                                                            

                           The SAS fought a battle here 19 July 1972 it was their Rorkes Drift        
     Out numbered 25-30 to one they stood their ground.Why?                 
          Because they were there,and nobody else.                                                

                                                     Above the BATT House at Mirbat    
                                          Nine defended this against overwhelming odds.            
For some it was their last stand. Others beat the Clock!


There are many more and here are just a few.

                                              I wonder if they lock up at night?

                                                 I call this one above "INSPIRATION."

                                                     Nakhal Fort Oman

                                                                        Nakhal Fort Oman

This mud brick rendered Fortress seems to have grown out of the very rock formation itself after a magical seed had been blown there upon such a wind of change.

                                           Nizwa Fort__Castle Oman

                                           Fort Al Jalali Old Muscat   Oman

Muscat  Fort Oman

Mirabat Fort

Often is the case that imagination is stirred and certain elements in pictures can help with scratch building projects. BB                                                        

                                   Musket Fort once the Main Prison of Oman

                                                 Musket Harbor the Year 1903

                                   Above Musket Oman                                                  

Fort Jabrin Oman

Above  five pictures of the oldest Portuguese Fort  Nizwa Oman

Above Two Pictures of Nakhal Fort City of Nakhal Oman

Ibri Fort Oman

                                                         Muscat Castle Oman

Bahla Fort Oman

                                                      Rustaq Fort Oman

Fort Manah Oman

There is a sign way up there that simply states. "Mind the back Door Step It`s a Killer!"

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  1. Very interesting, BB. I need to brush up on my history!


    1. Aaron,sometimes it is differcult to brush up on history in relation to secret wars. Thank`s for commenting. BB

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    1. Hi Phil,those were impressive days of history in the making. Thanks again for the visit and comment it means a lot. BB

  3. Nice collection of pictures! Very inspirational for later desert scenes!


    1. Thanks Peter,there will be more later. BB