Monday, 14 March 2016

The Rubber Mould by Beano Boy

 Cheapest priced 100 % Silicone Sealant any colour will do the job.There is no great need to buy expensive stuff. I aim for the £2.00 mark when buying on line. Perhaps it pays to look in the Pound Shop,but it must be 100% Silicone.

The interesting part is buying the stuff that makes a great fun time mess. Yes cheap Cornflour,which is starch! Baby Powder. Don`t pinch Baby`s powder,go get your own cheap stuff. I like to add Baby Oil to the mix too.  50-50 mix of the combined powder and silicone and a good squirt of baby oil.

Corn flour and baby powder tipped out and mixed buy hand. This gives  hands a good dusting too which helps with the mixing. The silicone is squeezed out into good dollops,and dusted over with flour then gradually turned into a dough like mixture. Remember i was not making bread so no need to over nead the stuff. Shapped and dusted with the remaining flour on the board,then shoved and pummeled into the mould. Magic i love this kind of making my own unique stuff,and others can too.All that is required is a certain style of dress sense in order to give old cloths a good dusting.
                                        To Avoid Chaos and Broken Ribs Due to Laughter!

One cannot use rubber gloves,because  what is being produced is rubber so it will instantly stick to the rubber fingers making one look like a stretchy long fingered Alien while trying to get them off .
i know it happened to me. It was a crazy situation that made Mrs B,and i,laugh so much. Needless to mention really." The gloves remained stuck fast in all that black stuff!

Use dry Kitchen Roll,to get the rubber off your hands and fingers before washing them. Then wash them. i like to add sugar to washing up liquid  which does a good job cleaning hands and it goes really creamy like high priced soapy products.

The Pattern was made with the aid of a 28mm metal wingless  Griffin sunk halfway into Oyumaru black stuff. This is a magical moulding product that can be reused over and over again. All one does is place it into a small bowl and carefully pour boiling water into the bowl. It soon softens and things can be pushed into it or it can be pressed over things used as patterns. When cold, (i place mine in cold water),it goes solid bendy hard,and it does not stick to stuff not even itself. That might seem hard to prove,but for instance if i wanted to make a two part mould. As the first part goes cold and hard, then the second part is simply pushed onto it without any need for a parting agent like oil ,wax ,starch or chalk powder. I have made lots of moulds using this stuff and have indeed made both two and three part moulds too and with good results for my needs.

The finished result after casting this up will be the actual Griffin chizeled into a rockface . So what you see is what i got from doing this style of halfway push in moulding.

The soft smooth nice smelling black rubber was compounded into the Lego Box by the best tools i have, Fingers & Thumbs,and the heel of the Hand. I always leave Lego Bricks sticking out proud from the plastic box,because it makes it easy to dismantle all the Lego once the rubber has cured.
 In this case a perfect mould was made,and the pattern  slipped out easily with a slight bending of the rubber.

The tiny part of the yogurt pot was filled with water then tipped into the larger section and five tea spoonfuls of Plaster of Paris added and then mixed with the large brush. A back up mould was ready to receive any left over plaster. Pleased to say there was none over .It was a perfect measurement to make. Once a mould is made i measure out the water needed with use of the plastic pot and fill the mould and then determine what plaster is needed to do the job.

 The Mould was finally filled and the plaster stippled with a small brush and to make sure of a good casting the mould was bumped  up an down on the table a few times just to make sure no air bubbles spoil the casting. Anyone who has ever bought resin castings will have realised the air bubble holes that one has to patch up. Caused by people doing the work with little forethought for the final result and finish of the casting. When i bought La Haye Sainte for the Waterloo project on Benno`s Figure Forum, last year there was a hole in one of the chimney's and another in a wall. Annoying is a polite word to describe my feelings at the time.  They were neatly filled in with Green Stuff!

The finished casting taken from the mould a tiny amount  of trimming under his belly to do. This will capture  shadow durring photo and film work,which is free and it is well fit for my intended use.
I plan to cast up many more including his other side and these will face each other within rock.

Well that`s it.    BB


  1. Wise men say that "less is more" - and something apparently so simple produced a splendid result! Gret work! Cheers Beano!!

    1. RMacedo,is your handle D? Always good to realize your visit and read your comment. The Griffin the first casting of many in fact. One cannot build a wall with only one brick! BB

  2. Looks fantastic Paul!


    1. Thanks Peter, nice of you to comment. You are most welcome to visit here anytime.There are many a casting to pile up before the final showing. Greetings BB

  3. Brilliant as always! I will have to try this out when I get the time!

    1. Hi Russ, once you start making moulds a whole new doorway in the hobby will open up. Thanks for commenting. BB

  4. Another great idea and very effective result.


  5. Nice of you to comment Aaron.There are alternative ways in which to make moulds but i aim at saving money.Thanks for the visit. BB