Friday, 18 March 2016

The Two Part Rubber Mould by Beano Boy

There will be Updates on this one so please look out for them if there is interest.
I promise it will certainly be fun.

Columns From Bicycle Handle Bar Grips

First The Cost
Two sets cost £7.89  with Free Postage.

One gets two in a set so here i have prepared both by filling them with Plaster of Paris,in order to make them solid. Although i only need one i decided to show both as an illustration. The one on the right of the picture is what they both looked like after filling them,but i super glued  a top and bottom to make the other one a complete pattern ready to be used to make a rubber mould that can produce good castings for my own use.

Here are another two examples of bike handle bar grips that i intend to make into patterns. Perfect for fantasy projects. Lets face it everything i do is pure fantasy!

I filled the two ends with OYUMARU a reusable compound and not plaster because i will remove each end and likewise stick them onto the others i wish to make into patterns. So the super glue and the reusable stuff will hold it in place but can be removed easily.

                                           All fixed and ready to use as a pattern.

Here the pattern rests in the size box needed to form the bottom half of this two part mould which will be filled with my mix of rubber and the pattern will then be pressed into it up to its halfway point and the edges smoothed out.  I will make the mould later and that can be seen in Part Two.

However let me show you a mould that is far from being ordinary,and it was designed and made by little i last year. The plan was to save money.

                   The one on the left is the painted casting the other the pattern i used to make the mould.

The Playmobil Caste Steps

The mould is one of odd sides. I will explain. Half of the mould is made of rubber the other cheap plaster. The plaster is the odd side. This saved me over a £1.00 by not using rubber.

 I also decides to save more money by not giving the mould a back edge. So filling this as it is would result in the plaster running out as gravity would dictate it to do.

The plan came together like this by using a clay tile. So the clay tile is another odd side.
All Simply held in place by sellotape! This saved even more money. Total outlay £2,50. A massive saving by over half the cost. 

So this is the end result from a mould of very odd sides that might look funny,but can give a perfect casting every time.

All this certainly seemed amusing to these two that arrived on the wing.

I made two video`s and even though i am no movie maker,i managed to show the process of this scratch build project,and woffle on so to speak in my Norwich Accent. Mrs B,helped by trying to use my camera and all in all it was most messy,but most rewarding creating unique stone columns. 
So if there is more interest please view the two video`s on this Blog. 
  Thank you for viewing.    BB


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