Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Theirs Is The Glory (1946) - Movie

Hi Guys,if you can get past the Wonky Sound Track at the beginning of this Movie the real story is painted by all those men who were there a year earlier,and it must have been tough for them to go back there.It was another tough call for the British Government to make,and as always most able to answered the call again as if ordered to do so. ____________Perhaps they were?
As a boy I knew one Chap Berty,who had been dropped just outside Arnhem. On his Army Discharge Papers his CO,had written, This man is employable. However Berty never could return to a working mans life style as his mind was so battle scared by it all. He became a drunk and a very bitter man,and another casualty of terrible war.

Much later on in life while doing research on the SAS,i  happened upon Berty`s Service Record and for him the flames of war had not ended in 1945.As a small boy i was often afraid of him,but as a man i finally felt a kindred spirit with old Berty who lived next door.  BB

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