Monday, 25 April 2016

Weaving a Something with____________ FRED & MAYBELL plus Elswhere presented by Beano Boy

Since i started this Blog i have been allowing these two Pals great leeway  to organise many a scratch building project ,and on the whole they have been successful in diverting attention away from what actually is being built.                                                                                                                           
For newer ones perhaps upon their first visit here Welcome.                                                                  
FRED used to be a DALEK,but now he is re-classified as the unit, `F.R.E.D`,                                    
simply known as Fred ,and MAYBELL,is of course a MayBell!                                                                                                

It all began over two years ago in Earth time that is,as MayBell met up with Fred on a certain bright sunny afternoon. A Sunday as i recall.                                                                                                      
  Please skip along down and take a look.                                                                                                     
 The yellow lights single Fred, out fine and Dandy-like from the others.                                                                                 

The Cardboard Arrives

Instructions are given to the work force.


Cocktail Sticks are great for arts and craft projects


Fred,shows them how it`s started.

   Not seen here,but glue is applied onto the sticks as such a wattle as this begins.                                                                                
The Template Arrives    


To the left a Special one stands guard. First seen in 1968 on BBC TV.


The work is going extremely well.

"Jolly Good the first of many are complete", declared Fred.                                                              
" Yes it`s looking good Fred,but whats the point?" MayBell, asked.                                                  
   " Yes,MayBell,the points. When all the p v a glue dries they will all be cut off. "                                       

"Gee! Fred, i like the look of these." MayBell surprisingly admitted.
Now lets surprise BB , further and go tidy up his mess!

Others use wire for Gabions Fred & MayBell used string to make Wattle  Fence Screens.
It`s been a fun time slot,pushed into a Fantasy & Sci-Fi  Tutorial. BB      

The Asterix two story tower. Yes, it seems for fantasy figures like these it works. 
A Big Thank`s must go to Fred and MayBell for the Tutorial.     BB                        

Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Trodden Pathway of Roughshod Shape by Beano Boy

 a trodden pathway of roughshod shape
 this whim an idea runs its  battered course
 as such dust as this settles in solitude
what price this Alexander would say in his Greatness
no resounding answer here
the stone lays silent and undisturbed
long ago fallen such a State as this
that set four great kings in place
what an outcry went out,in our time
its fallen,that which confined the many
that great wall has gone
it is no more

Working on sheets of toughend glass protects my six foot table top.
Yesterday colour washing this,washing that,i shot a few shots after of ongoing work.
Focused magic roundabout style upon that which might well be,but once seen perhaps not.

This is of course all part of playing dust like in utter well planned chaos !  
Now here`s a thought bright keen or otherwise  to create the female Griffin,_the male had no wings                                                            

Castings that break can be used well in the grand scheme of things.                        

   There are a great deal of other castings to add,but do remember this is just a glimmer of  the work.
  A mere whisper in fact.



Wednesday saw me making new Patterns,and now moving along it`s Friday, and many castings were produced especially from the mould Sarah helped make by mixing the stuff up,and then by pushing the Pattern into the rubber mould. These are seen on the left of the picture fully cast up.    So only needing 8 castings from each mould their use has come to an end__________or has it?                                                                                                   

Now i have need of extra shorter castings and looking as always to save money by not having to make other moulds i decided to utilize the newest ones by placing stops that will achieve this end  and thus produce shorter castings needed for ancient lintels and stone flooring.                                                       
   Please remember this is a Sci-Fi Fantasy project and not a copy of historical buildings.                                                                                                                        

The first styrene stop was simply placed   like so and will make it able to produce stone lintel  that will span columns to each half way point making for uniformed finish to this small part of the work.

Above can be seen the other two stops at each end of the other mould,and these placed so can make it possible to cast up the stone flooring sections i have need of. The stops will be changed over into the other mould top right side  in the picture giving a slight veriation to castings.

One could cast up the full moulds and then cut these ends off, but that is one awful wasteful excercise i am not willing to make,because i need lots of them.Pennies wasted lead to wasted Pounds. Pennies saved eventually build up to bright shiny Pounds that can be well used in another direction of  the modelling hobby.
                                                  ONLY TOP SECTION SHOWN

So some castings will span  the top____

____while others make up what the columns  will stand upon.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Introduction to Mr Trapanrot plus Making Mr Triggles Little Shed ___Presented by Beano Boy

Before i Begin
Please meet this little Fellow,for i believe there be many a fluffy toy like him. He the bright eyed thinker that he is lives in an old Tea Tin,and often likes to watch the life going on in and around the Sitting Room. Bella and Keats, our two dogs wander in and  out at their leisurely pace,and often sleep a snooze of forty winks when ever they choose. Keeping the place tidy but looking lived in Mrs B, often busy`s herself  dusting and polishing,while little o`l me,sits a sitting  typing away at this, that and the other. The clicking of the keyboard  i think is like music to his large fluffed up ears.    Well most certainly he being what he is,has never voiced complaint against such going`s on as clicking letters forming rapidly tiny black words.                                                                                                                         

 He being found without arms ,hands,legs, feet  and toes to wriggle,and with him having no body at all,i named him Mr  Trapanrot! The Tea Tin he fits snug into sits upon a polished shelf along side tiny bottles and earthen-ware jugs,and he is much better off being here with all of us,than being thrown away, which was his lot,and his condition when Mrs B found him. Often upon dog walks she often finds thrown away toy items,and after being washed and having been cleaned up ,into the large toy box they normally go. However not of course Mr Trapanrot he being far to special to be shut away shining in the darkness with all the other Grand Kiddies play things.

                                                 Making Mr Triggles Little Shed

Mr & Mrs Triggles  actually lived at Hillcrest Cottage over a long period of troubled times. The first story of their life in modern times i wrote well over a year ago and set it square pegged into the year 1940.

                                      All Made by Paper Picture Framing Card

                                          All the pieces were cut and scribed with a pen

The center line was scoured with a sharp pointed craft knife, part way through the card,and after bending it carefully and easily the roof was all ready for gluing up into its angled shape. Square right angle lines ran across the inside and these marked the sticking points.


There was no great need to scribe out the inner side of the roof,but i penned lightly a few quick lines as an illustration only. The angled shapes reinforced the roof and set in place the apex of this little old shed.

It was then ready for fixing by way of PVA Glue to the bottom half which had been cut out scribed and constructed as a most square sound box.

                                            Below the front with boarded shut window.

                                    All glued up and when it dried it was painting time.

                                          Below the back with its window left wide open.

                              The glue made a strong box with its lid fixed tight and most certainly right.

                 There`s Mr Triggles,he was well pleased with the  scratchbuild. It being tough and rugged                     but most importantly very affordable cheap.

The whole thing including inside was painted with S Matt Enamel Paint. This made the paper far tougher than any off the peg bought plastic. It was at this point that my old reliable spoon eased down upon gently helped formed the dips that i wanted in the roof. A sagging roof of old age. 

                  A small base representing concrete was cut to shape and painted.

                                                        Later all was dry brushed

                  It only took about and hour to do all the work on this simple box build.

Here is Hillcrest Cottage sitting contently  on its base ,with the little shed fitted snugly into place.
The garden still needs work that`s for sure. However i`ll need a hedge surrounding this tiny garden.Follow along and i`ll show how i will make it

                                                  Very cheap from the Pound Shop

                                               The washing up end was peeled off.

A sponge was cut in two,and using tweezers i plucked away at it. This will show shadows after painting giving a good contrasting look to the hedge. One could used the sponge as it is smooth for a look of a well clipped tidy hedge.

                          Now i need corners to my hedge and so wire comes into play.

Wire was pushed into one end of the sponge and right through the entire length coming out of the other end. .

The corner of this part of the hedge is easily formed using this method and  simple bent angle to each end of the wire will keep it tucked ino place.

              Far below there`s Sam the Barge Man, who`s been eyeing up the work.        

Painted with emulsion paint it was left to dry. It will be stuck into place after the garden is finished.
It is important  to note that the sponge needs no soaking in paint,because it will take days if not weeks to dry out. All that`s required is applying the paint by brush.
 There`s Sam , again.
As he goes upon his way i`ll take my leave. Thanks for visiting. There will always be a warm welcome here any time you wish to drop in.  BB

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hat Middle Guard Infantry _______Fudged up by Beano Boy.

 Sifting through old stuff from my old PC,i came upon these i `d painted a couple of years ago.

             Because I am colour-blind, i write and place the colour of paint onto each can of
paint. This helps no end.                 

 The wonders of blu tac, enables me to fix many a soldier onto the cans for ease of painting.

                                                                 On The Move

The French Middle Guard were on the move even though their bases and muskets were not totally finished.

Because I had several  spare wagon wheels I made water carts out of paper card. The paper barrels  were fitted directly onto the scratch built carts by way of a dress makers pin. The wagon is also home made from paper card and all the wheels are from Hat wagon kits i`d bought but had no luck at all sticking the pieces together.

in the picture above three columns of French infantry numbering 664 march through my tiny make shift village. I for one was very grateful to Hat producing all marching sets a few years ago. It made massed formation easier to fork out money,paint and then display them to the best of my ability.

                                                     Here`s a third of the Middle Guard.

Monday, 18 April 2016

My Attempt At Building a Shed For My Models


Here`s an honest and down to earth guy, and what you see and hear of him is what you get.
There`s no pretension here. Just a happy guy doing his unique hobby stuff,and along the way passing good sound tips to those who have a heart for them. He has quite a few video`s, so why not cruise along with him?  i highly recommend them.BB

Saturday, 16 April 2016

BB`s Hectic Saturday by Mr Bobby

Boy.O` Boy! BB,has certainly had a hectic day. At first it seemed just an ordinary Saturday.Country Music was playing on the Radio,and BB, was busy typing his way through a few pages,but no, it was far from anything like other Saturdays.                                                                                          
Ping! BB`s P C,was all of a sudden Kaput!                                                                                            
Nothing to serious though it just meant spending money in order to get another one.Amazing thing was there were 48.000 photo`s on the darn thing,but in spite of loosing some,others had been stored up elsewhere. BB`s a bit ignorant to say the least,about such things as Back Ups ,and Clouds where pictures can be stored up for a rainy day. However Mrs B,is not.So in spite of some good written stuff being lost today,old stuff from when ever can still be downloaded onto the new PC,that's arriving Monday morning before Noon!                                                                                                                                                      
An old PC,that works, but is very slow at doing stuff was wired up and plugged in by Mrs B. It is a real mystery that BB,has very little intelligence upon what wire goes where? In order to set the old thing a buzzing  again.                                                                                                                     

The large Hammer will come into play again,as the Hard Drive is smashed to pieces in a plastic bag. They used to make them in steel,but upon destroying one a few years ago with that Hammer, the disc  exploded like a hand grenade showering glass everywhere.This time the thing will be placed into a plastic bag and will  be smashed to smithereens. No info will be stolen when the rest of the PC goes into the Bin!      That's it now back to reading the newspaper again. Bye!

Mr Bobby.                                                                                             

Just Old Bones by Beano Boy

i call them Bones,and about 30 of these off the peg things came in a job lot i had bought on
E Bay a year or so ago. Well it was the other rare toy figures that i was interested in. However i hate waste even though having no real interest in them,but as things turned out i converted them by cutting and burning the arms into other flaming positions.

The Archers interested me most because i saw many a converted pose possible and so set to stringing the wire through the base. Of course the wire went through the base next to the foot and was wound around a small stone and finally  fixed in place with Super Glue.

The Bones seem quite white,but_______

hopefully as they now rattle upon the wind ,colour wise that is,they look better in this final scene. I moved arms,and made helmets with Green Stuff,and added P V A Glue onto them, the shields and swords then poured kiln dried sand onto them. i wanted to create corrosion  caused by two or more metals reacting with one another over a long period. i guess it is the Engineer still deeply inbedded within me Noggin that has to dream up such things.                                                                          

At the time of painting these old bones i was modeling other stuff so being a tiny little bit tidy,i stood them on my little stone filled plastic cases just in order to give them something stony old to protect.

          Well that`s it guys the end of a rattling  good adventure with an old pile of Bones. BB