Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Trodden Pathway of Roughshod Shape by Beano Boy

 a trodden pathway of roughshod shape
 this whim an idea runs its  battered course
 as such dust as this settles in solitude
what price this Alexander would say in his Greatness
no resounding answer here
the stone lays silent and undisturbed
long ago fallen such a State as this
that set four great kings in place
what an outcry went out,in our time
its fallen,that which confined the many
that great wall has gone
it is no more

Working on sheets of toughend glass protects my six foot table top.
Yesterday colour washing this,washing that,i shot a few shots after of ongoing work.
Focused magic roundabout style upon that which might well be,but once seen perhaps not.

This is of course all part of playing dust like in utter well planned chaos !  
Now here`s a thought bright keen or otherwise  to create the female Griffin,_the male had no wings                                                            

Castings that break can be used well in the grand scheme of things.                        

   There are a great deal of other castings to add,but do remember this is just a glimmer of  the work.
  A mere whisper in fact.



Wednesday saw me making new Patterns,and now moving along it`s Friday, and many castings were produced especially from the mould Sarah helped make by mixing the stuff up,and then by pushing the Pattern into the rubber mould. These are seen on the left of the picture fully cast up.    So only needing 8 castings from each mould their use has come to an end__________or has it?                                                                                                   

Now i have need of extra shorter castings and looking as always to save money by not having to make other moulds i decided to utilize the newest ones by placing stops that will achieve this end  and thus produce shorter castings needed for ancient lintels and stone flooring.                                                       
   Please remember this is a Sci-Fi Fantasy project and not a copy of historical buildings.                                                                                                                        

The first styrene stop was simply placed   like so and will make it able to produce stone lintel  that will span columns to each half way point making for uniformed finish to this small part of the work.

Above can be seen the other two stops at each end of the other mould,and these placed so can make it possible to cast up the stone flooring sections i have need of. The stops will be changed over into the other mould top right side  in the picture giving a slight veriation to castings.

One could cast up the full moulds and then cut these ends off, but that is one awful wasteful excercise i am not willing to make,because i need lots of them.Pennies wasted lead to wasted Pounds. Pennies saved eventually build up to bright shiny Pounds that can be well used in another direction of  the modelling hobby.
                                                  ONLY TOP SECTION SHOWN

So some castings will span  the top____

____while others make up what the columns  will stand upon.


  1. That is brilliant, the way it comes together is spot on!

    1. Thank you Russ,tell you the truth i was thinking of canning this topic,because of lack of interest. Your comment has given me the lift to continue though so other shots will be shown later.I plan to use 28mm figures,with a bright hope i can paint them. Thanks again BB

    2. Keep up the good work BB, your work is always a pleasure to see, I must admit I've bring under the weather the last week so I haven't being as active with comments as usual.

  2. I really like this I am going to have a try later on its perfect...some of the best i have ever seen thank you for sharing....

    1. Nice of you to comment John,your kind words a pleasant lift i needed thank you. i am waiting to her from blucher1815red, because i have need of his permission to show some of his work here on this blog. i have salvaged it from Benno`s Figure Forum. Thank again. BB

  3. What a mess (I mean ruine)! I hope Mrs B didn't see this, or you will be in problems BB!
    Nice work Paul!


    1. Yes Mrs B,puts up with my antics quite well,and is very skilled in the way she tidies up after me,but Peter, it must be said i am highly skilled too in making the mess in the first place. It`s called the "Chaos Theory," based on higher mathematics which basically mean in my book "You can`t make omelettes without breaking eggs!" Nice to have you visit,and keep an eye on whats going on. BB