Saturday, 16 April 2016

BB`s Hectic Saturday by Mr Bobby

Boy.O` Boy! BB,has certainly had a hectic day. At first it seemed just an ordinary Saturday.Country Music was playing on the Radio,and BB, was busy typing his way through a few pages,but no, it was far from anything like other Saturdays.                                                                                          
Ping! BB`s P C,was all of a sudden Kaput!                                                                                            
Nothing to serious though it just meant spending money in order to get another one.Amazing thing was there were 48.000 photo`s on the darn thing,but in spite of loosing some,others had been stored up elsewhere. BB`s a bit ignorant to say the least,about such things as Back Ups ,and Clouds where pictures can be stored up for a rainy day. However Mrs B,is not.So in spite of some good written stuff being lost today,old stuff from when ever can still be downloaded onto the new PC,that's arriving Monday morning before Noon!                                                                                                                                                      
An old PC,that works, but is very slow at doing stuff was wired up and plugged in by Mrs B. It is a real mystery that BB,has very little intelligence upon what wire goes where? In order to set the old thing a buzzing  again.                                                                                                                     

The large Hammer will come into play again,as the Hard Drive is smashed to pieces in a plastic bag. They used to make them in steel,but upon destroying one a few years ago with that Hammer, the disc  exploded like a hand grenade showering glass everywhere.This time the thing will be placed into a plastic bag and will  be smashed to smithereens. No info will be stolen when the rest of the PC goes into the Bin!      That's it now back to reading the newspaper again. Bye!

Mr Bobby.                                                                                             


  1. Don´t Forget to wear protective glasses (or turn your face away ) as you deliver the final blows to the HD.
    I made the Job a bit easier /more enjoyable and no Need remove all the casing or to chase it around waving a hammer..put the Thing, casing and all, in a vice, half of it sticking out the top and wacked it with a hammer until the casing broke and it (the HD) snapped.
    The magnets are great things. I screwed one to my work space. Any small metallic Tools, Pins, tweezers etc, I casually flip in it´s direction and "ping!" they order themselves into place.

    1. Thank you Paul,these things must always be destroyed. Pity his Mouse is still working,as i quite fancy a little snack.
      Thank you kindly for the input and advice.Mr Bobby

  2. Thanks BoBBy for sharing this news with us aBout Mrs and Mr BB! Always nice to hear some inside information! Hehe!


    1. Hi Peter,i being a PURRRRRFECT MR BOBBY,decided to give a bright eyed idea that these shiny spinning things must always be destroyed.One could founder upon the utter rocks of dispair if identity is stolen. Thank you kindly for your interest. Mr BOBBY!

  3. Newspapers are more secure ...Good luck!

  4. Hi Phil,although i read THE TIMES of course,BB,reads the DANDY OR BEANO Comics. Well after all he took his name from one of them him being a great player of constant metaphorical fun. i being a prime example of being just one.
    Thank you kindly for your wish of Good Luck. MR BOBBY

  5. The table top upright PC,had the Stainless Steel disc`s in the Hard- Drive,which BB,destroyed with a Lump Hammer.