Thursday, 7 April 2016

Bella & Keats by BB

Hi Guys,meet our Bella above. Always alert in more ways than one,and a great one for making a dish full of food disappear in a mater of seconds. "Burp!" Below is our dear one-eyed Keats.

Now Keats is rather  fussy when it comes to eating,which at times is a great worry for Mrs B,and i.There are four things that she will eat,her preferred dog feed and none other,and Chips and Mashed Potatoes,and Cream Crackers. Her food she Pingles about with and it takes ages to feed her one piece at a time by hand. Chips and Mashed Potatoes she`ill gobble down from her dish,competing well with Bella.However the other stuff has to be by hand.This is very frustrating for our Bella,who seems intent in forgetting in half a second that she has already been feed.

Tiny Keats, had issues in her younger past before we had her come stay, and grow up with us in the leafy green of Fiddle Wood.She was the Runt of the Litter and  was pushed aside by the others ,and she would have died for sure if it had not been for my Dear Mrs B.
i remember it well the first time i ever set eyes upon Keats,poor little button that she certainly was. It was soon noticed that her poor tiny left eye had real big problems ,and the Vets Bills kept mounting up each month. Although we never grudged making sure she was well medically treated. Once she had entered into our life,we were smitten by her.
Sadly there was in the end only one option for her poorly eye ,it had to be removed.It was causing her so much grief,poor little mite that she was.Mrs B,and i worried so much,about her,but the Vet did a brilliant job.In fact she was a changed little Pup,without that painful none seeing eye,and seemed to have recovered from her ordeal at the Vets rather well,and on day one.We have had her 7 years now and she`ll let Mrs B,pick her up when needful things need to be done,but not me. She`ll savage my hand good a proper if i tried.

Bella,our Bella. One can never be angry at Bella,because like Keats we love her. There are times that Bella could hear a pin drop,so in the case of a new toy figure or indeed model soldier,she`s there in a flash to do and instant conversion in seconds. She certainly is a highly trained Bella,because her battle field casualties are the best that i have ever seen. Such a talent with those gnashing teeth our dear little Bella,has. The poor,Lucky Luke Indian Chief,Gnashed ,but which i manage to replace from a Seller in Paris France,soon after.Quite a few Scots Guard Dragoons for Waterloo,and a few Cowboy Toy Figures,and Britains Greek and Trojans have all been on Bella`s Hit List. However,Boom,Boom,Boom! Bella has certainly graduated from the Gnashing Programme she set her self upon since Mrs B,brought her home four years ago. One of my Patterns that i had carefully prepared in the style i wanted for Mould Making,fell to the floor without me realising it. It was Gnashed beyond all recognition,but i long ago learnt not to over react to certain situations,and although not pleased no frustrating  anger occurred at all. It was entirely my fault and not Bella`s that`s for sure.i am a Clumsy Twit at times.
Tomorrow is another day and the Pattern can easily be replaced ,and who knows it might even look better than the first.If that turns out to be the case, i will certainly have the dead keen alert Bella ,to thank that`s for sure. BB


  1. That are two nice ladies you have there Paul! Keep on taking good care for them!


    1. They are indeed our trusted little friends,and Mrs B,and i are to them Pack Leaders_________it`s a Wolfy Thing! BB