Monday, 4 April 2016

Casting Up Plastic Packaging by BB

We all have it to throw away perhaps into the recycling bin which is good because it creates jobs,and helps in that way to put food upon a family`s table,but i use it perhaps a few times to create unique castings before it ends up in my helpful to the economy bin. 
What am i talking about? 
Plastic Packaging! Biscuits,Sandwiches  and Cream Cake packaging with good designs for making props for photo and film shoots. i even use in some cases the packaging that comes with Toys.  Anything with a good design i like i use,and it costs nothing for such patterns because they are rubbish awaiting the bin. All that i need is a few pennies worth of Plaster of Paris, water of which i pay the earth for,and my imagination which i might well add is getting bigger the older i get,but perhaps not any smarter.  
It would be great to hear if others do similar. 
For surely i am not the only one on this vast planet we call Earth 
who uses his quirky keen Noggin in this way.   
Everything must have a reason applied to it,this is mine.

So It Begins

It is true some Alien life forms have paid Earth a visit many times before,and they often refer   to it as Tenalp-Htrae and in fact ancient civilisations have left a record in stonework of their visits to Earth.This theme is seen in my first castings shown below and it is early days but ideas are indeed evolving as is the story line.

Below the throw away Toy Packaging

Above the end result. BB

When did this Dalek Army visit this place? Lord Wellington, knew as did Eddy Longbottom Beano,but that is a story for much later,but one i penned over 3 years ago.i decided to keep it in my pocket not knowing where i`d place it. Until Now. BB


  1. You are very creative with all small things you get your hands on Paul! Keep them coming! Love it!


    1. Hi Peter,there are a few surprises set in motion that i am able to work on at present and they are to do with creating cheap fantasy settings with easy things like plastic packaging,and other stuff in my ever growing stash! One of my Motto`s is "If it`s fit for purpose than use it." BB

    2. And that is a good motto! Amen!