Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hat Middle Guard Infantry _______Fudged up by Beano Boy.

 Sifting through old stuff from my old PC,i came upon these i `d painted a couple of years ago.

             Because I am colour-blind, i write and place the colour of paint onto each can of
paint. This helps no end.                 

 The wonders of blu tac, enables me to fix many a soldier onto the cans for ease of painting.

                                                                 On The Move

The French Middle Guard were on the move even though their bases and muskets were not totally finished.

Because I had several  spare wagon wheels I made water carts out of paper card. The paper barrels  were fitted directly onto the scratch built carts by way of a dress makers pin. The wagon is also home made from paper card and all the wheels are from Hat wagon kits i`d bought but had no luck at all sticking the pieces together.

in the picture above three columns of French infantry numbering 664 march through my tiny make shift village. I for one was very grateful to Hat producing all marching sets a few years ago. It made massed formation easier to fork out money,paint and then display them to the best of my ability.

                                                     Here`s a third of the Middle Guard.


  1. Excellent BB, excellent...your ability is really high!

    1. Well Phil if i have ability it is one of acting the fool,writing and above all having fun constantly each day. Happiness!Bliss! It helps keeps the Black Dog away."Post Tramatic Stress Disorder!"
      I always value your visits Phil,and comments too.
      Thanks Buddy. BB

  2. I remember these from Benno's! Excellent and hughe work!


    1. Over the years i have painted lots of Napoleonic figures that`s for sure Peter.Lots shown on the Benno`s Figure Forum.Presently i am unable to paint,but doing other stuff keeps my mind alert,and my imagination dead keen for experimental projects.
      Thanks Peter for remembering my former works. BB

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your princely comment Francis Lee.
      It felt like a good handshake from across the water! BB

  4. this is just some of your best work the water barrels are tops...

    1. Thanks John,these pictures are from my old PC,i managed to resurrect them with lots of help and effort from Mrs B. When i made the water barrels they were not available to buy anywhere. So with lots of spare wheels i made lots of them. Perhaps a tutorial might be worth doing if i can remember how i made the darn things. BB